Smart business owners know how to make an effective use of POS displays to generate impulse purchases. As a result their sales increase. Pallet displays enable a store owner or manager to quickly create an attractive product presentation. What is more, such displays can be custom-designed as wished. The picture below was take from Amsterdam Airport and shows a very creative way of using a pallet display. Simple yet pleasing to the eyes, this a perfect example of effective in-store advertising.


What we love about this merchandise display idea is that you can feel the summer vibe here. The addition of wooden boxes with summery graphics also made this a total standout.


Why Pallet Display?

Pallets are originally used in shipping heavy products. But now, retailers have found a way to incorporate these to their in-store marketing. The biggest advantage of this kind of display is that it is cost-effective and customizable. They can be reused in many different ways, allowing merchandisers to add a creative twist to their POS displays.

Here’s everything you need to know about pallets for promotional products:


Upcycling pallets is not only profitable but it also increases your value as a brand. It’s eco-friendly and cost effective in the sense that you don’t have to spend large amount of money to beautify your display.


With low costs, you can change the design or colors of your pallet display. Any time you need to change the color it just need to be painted. For better brand positioning, print your brand name on them! Thus, you get more out of your marketing budget.

Pallet Display


When done right, pallets add a rustic aesthetic to your merchandise display. They are ideal for promoting alcoholic drinks, apparel, accessories, and stationery. If you want something rustic or vintage, then using pallets as custom POS display is a clever idea. It provides a timeless and artsy feel to your display, thus differentiating your brand from the rest.


Pallets are generally durable as they are used for shipping products. Therefore, it’s a viable investment that marketing managers should consider. They provide stability to your stacked products and keep them protected.

Pallet Display

5 Creative Ideas to Design Pallet Display

  • Use them for trade show marketing – Get more people talking about your brand by using pallet display. Wood adds a touch of class to your displays so perfect for promoting alcoholic drinks.
  • Transform it into an Apparel Display Fixture – Pallets add a homey and relaxing feeling that’s why it would be ideal for selling apparel. You want to make think that your clothes are comfortable to wear.
  • Make It Vibrant – Pallets can be transformed into mini shelves to showcase your cosmetic products. Choose the right colors to create a vibrant display that befits your brand!
  • Add LED Lights – Aside from painting your Pallet display a certain color, consider adding LED lights to draw customer attention to your POS. A well-lit display commands attention as the lights add warmth and depth to your display.
  • Get Your Brand Out There – There are many ways to make your brand stand out with a pallet display. Using appropriate props would bring out the best in your custom point of sale displays. You can also brand each pallet to maximize your brand presence within busy retail stores.

In Conclusion…

If you want to save more while amplifying your brand campaign, pallet display is a great option! Its practicality and ability to be transformed into eye-catching POS displays make them a valuable marketing tool.

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