If you are looking for additional marketing ideas, these beer wooden POS displays could be your best option. They are very ideal to use in introducing your quality brew. It makes your beer bottles accessible to the hands of the public. Moreover, it also drags passersby with its clever designs and messages.

As the beer industry continues to grow, more and more brands continue to fill in-store shelves leaving no vacancies for competing labels. So, it is a fantastic idea to flaunt your product in the market using wooden POS displays for beers. Popular names in the brewery business, such as Birra Moretti and Corona know the significance of these displays since they have been adopting these in their marketing. Definitely, these wooden POS displays beer ideas rump up the companies’ sales

Wooden POS Displays Beer

Wooden POS Displays for Beer

Unique Wooden POS Displays Slay Stores in Italy

Recently, we have spotted in Italy, this slim vertical store shelf by the Corona brand. The shelf provides a four-level space to display their beer bottles. The famous brand of Pale Lager has chosen natural wood as the material for the POS display. The display radiates a vibe among customers to grab a bottle. We love the use of the hashtag “served with limes”. The display is obviously attention-grabbing, but we have noticed something off on it. The display is very narrow, and the size is not ideal for displaying much product. Only a limited number of bottles can be contained within the shelf. Thus, it requires a lot of attention from staff to fill in the shelf from time to time.

wooden pos displays

Birra Moretti’s personalized POS display was spotted in a store in Italy. The Italian brewing company had similarly chosen wood-looking material. They focused on using MDF and cardboard instead of natural pine. This is a very cost-effective option for it allow s them to create cheaper displays and allot space for more drink bottles, thus maximizing the shelf capacity. With this, they’re able to stack up to 5 heavy cases of their quality liquors in the shelf display.

Wooden POS displays are very eye-catching, hence they allow specific brands to be noticed by the customers. In order for the displays to secure enough supply of beer bottles, they must be made from sturdy wood material. Some companies have opted to use cardboards for their beer POS displays for affordability and for ease of transportation. However, it fails to support heavy beer bottles as it is made with lightweight materials. This means it wears the material over time. As a solution to this, companies have chosen the use of wood as it provides both affordability and ease of transportation while making it durable and stylish. With wooden POS displays, companies will be able to benefit more in getting ahead of the competition.

Why we like these Wooden POS Displays by Birra Moretti and Corona:

Listed here the things that we like the most about Birra Moretti and Corona wooden POS displays.

1. Strategic Location

Regular store shelves are stationary places where merchandise can be confined to aisles. Assigning beer POS displays in other locations of the marketplace increases the chance of customers noticing the product as a result. The proper positioning of the brands’  wooden POS displays attracts more customers.

wooden pos displays

2. Enhance Brand Visibility

The classic and novel appearance of the display absolutely drags the customers’ attention. Making the surface of the displays as a canvas the brand logo is undeniably a smart move of the brands.

3. Practicality and Quality

Birra Moretti and Corona brand used natural wood for their POS displays. Thus the displays radiate a classic appeal. The use of wooden materials conveys a sense of quality and authenticity. Since the shelves were made from wood, their quality can be guaranteed. The durability of the displays allows businesses to save their resources. These displays are not merely a visual attraction, moreover, they help protect the products from any damage.

4. Boost Sales

The brands’ POS displays undeniably drive impulse purchases. The displays encourage customers to take a look at the products and avail them. Moreover, the displays easily pique customers’ interest resulting in buying.

To Wrap This Up…

POS displays are arguably one of the wisest marketing strategists to use today. Thus, selecting the right material could be an essential one. These featured wooden POS displays have helped the two brands marked their name in the industry. Consequently, the displays have contributed well to boost their sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a POS display?

A Point of Sale (POS) display is a form of product marketing in which products are displayed near, or next to the store counter or transactional purchase area.

Why Should I Use POS display?

POS display simply helps a business expose its products and services. It also an effective way to attract customers and promotes buying. Therefore, a POS display is very essential in every business.

What are the different types of POS display?

Since it is considered to be one of the most strategic marketing activities used by brands, different types of POS displays could be seen in the market. Counter-top displays, pallet displays, Free-standing displays, and dump bins are some of the types usually implemented by businesses.