Done right, a mini fridge with logo could be your most potent marketing POS display to promote alcoholic drinks, ice, cream, dairy products, milk, and soda. We often see large coolers in 7-11 and grocery stores with logos and brandings to advertise various chilled products. However, this fridge is smaller, but nevertheless, provides a great opportunity to boost brand positioning.

Mini Fridge with Logo

Mini Fridge with Logo

When we say brand positioning, this is the act of positioning your brand in the minds of your target customers. A good brand positioning boosts recall, makes your brand distinctive, and helps maximize your brand value by ensuring your brand on top of customers’ minds.

In retail, it is easy to get pushed in the background. No matter how good or delicious your product is, if not presented in an enticing way, this will not generate attention and sales.

But how can a mini-fridge with logo help you boost your brand positioning?


How do You Advertise with Mini Fridge with Logo?

Large Branding Space: Refrigerators and freezers are a fantastic place to incorporate your marketing message. With them, you have a lot of space for creative branding. The top part is perfect for printing your logo or brand name on, while the sides can be printed with other brand visuals.

Mini Fridge with Logo

Mini Fridge with Logo

Strategic Positioning: As this display fridge is small, this is perfect for shops with very small spaces. they can be placed on top of a cabinet or table. This is also ideal for hotels, travelers’ inn, and snack bars.

Mini Fridge with Logo

Mini Fridge with Logo

The shape of this one is a bit different from the usual. It has two layers and LED lights inside.


Ideal for Trade Shows: Are you participating in a trade show? Having a custom branded mini-fridge at the event will surely keep your drinks cool all day. With your brand name printed on the fridge, you are exposing your brand to potential clients and business partners.

Mini Fridge with Logo

Mini Fridge with Logo

This two-layered mini fridge is ideal for drinks in a can. Great for trade shows and pop up stores.


Use Taglines: Taglines serve as your brand positioning statement. People easily remember catchy phrases they hear on TV, but seeing them printed on the product display, which in this case is a mini-fridge, would definitely reinforce your message.


How Can a Mini Fridge with Logo Improve Your Brand Positioning?

Greater Visibility: Fridge advertisement is a great way to start boosting your brand positioning. People are always looking for a cold beverage to buy. By customizing the fridge to showcase your positioning statement, you are creating greater visibility for your brand.

Distinguish Brand from the Rest: Not only do you keep beverage cold, done right, this mini fridge with logo can also help you distinguish your brand from the rest. It is the colorful and eye-catching branding on the body that draws us to the display. As such, it is vital to customize it in order to set your brand apart from the others.

Stimulate Impulse Buys: As a custom POS display, it effectively drives impulse purchases at the check-out counters and high-traffic areas. They encourage shoppers to make an additional purchase before they leave the store.


So, would a mini-fridge with logo help improve your brand positioning? If so, then contact ODM Group today and quote product code ODM-1269. Our team of designers and merchandisers will help you with all your design and sourcing needs. ODM will walk you through the whole product development process from sketch design, to 3D CAD and Mould Development, to manufacturing and Quality Control.

We have extensive experience in the promotional product industry so you can expect us to deliver high-quality merchandise that suits your marketing budget and branding requirements.

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