What a simple but effective Custom Design Fridge! In the supermarket, it is all about making yourself stand out. With so many competitor brands you certainly have to think of ideas outside the box to gain customer attention over your competitors. Drinks marketing products allow you to offer something unique to your company.


For a drinks company, a great way to do this is through use of a custom design fridge. This is because:

  • Your drink will be served cold: on a hot day, a busy shopper can think of nothing better than a cold drink. Instantly you have a competitive advantage over drinks brands who are stocked on the shelf


  • This display can go near the checkout: the checkout is where final impulse purchases are usually made. By this point, shoppers have spent a long time looking at lots of different items and are, most likely, tired. What better place to situate a fridge full of energy drinks?


How about this! Monster energy drink is instantly recognized for its bright luminous green coloring.  The ″M″ is also stylized in such a way as to imply that it is formed by the claws of a monster ripping through the can. Their team obviously have a great design strategy that push their drinks marketing ideas.


Check out their custom fridge display!


Custom Design Fridge Increases Sales: Here's Why...

Custom Design Fridge Increases Sales: Here’s Why…


Stocked full of monster energy drinks, this display fridge can certainly be spotted from a distance to instantly entice shoppers. It is simple but memorable.


Custom Design Fridge Increases Sales: Here's Why...

Custom Design Fridge Increases Sales: Here’s Why…

We love this! This is certainly a different style of promotional drinks display. But nonetheless an effective one!


This is a simple but effective design. See why we like this Custom Design Fridge:

  • Extends Brand Visibility: The Monster Energy Drink logo is widely recognized among major beverages and at sponsored events. This fridge would be a great place to store the product at such events as it will enhance brand visibility & design appeal. This is a great way to promote a product as it is memorable!


  • Marketing Opportunity: The fridge offers a large area to put your brand. Here, monster have gone for a more simple design, with the M logo on the front of the fridge and the brand name on the side. But you could have fun with this, picking any pattern or design you like.


  • Practical: This advertises the products, stores the products and increases the customer experience with the product as it is served cold. A custom design fridge is therefore a practical way of extending your brand visibility.


Would a Custom Design Fridge help to extend your brand visibility whilst serving your drink at its best? Here at ODM we have extensive experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.


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