When it comes to outdoor branding, tents and flags are usually the go-to solutions. However, Selecta has a unique idea. They utilized a custom fridge cover to advertise their ice cream products. It was a smart move because passersby and motorists will be able to see them right away.

Custom Fridge Cover

Custom Fridge Cover

We spotted this promotion along the busy streets of China. The bright red branded freezer cover is hard to miss as it is nicely-branded and shows the products on sale. It somehow served as the product poster.


Why this Custom Fridge Cover is a Good Outdoor Marketing Strategy

Flexibility: They can be used for in-store and outdoor promotions. Furthermore, it offers room for creativity as you can print your brand name or your marketing message in there. In Selecta’s case, the ice cream brand has printed all its ice cream variants to pull customers in.

Durable: The material used in this custom fridge cover is water-resistant. It does not absorb water and dries easily.

Custom Fridge Cover

Custom Fridge Cover


Great for Outdoor Promotions – Because the fabric used is a water-resistant one, it makes a great outdoor POS display. Passersby who initially do not have any plans on making the purchase may be encouraged to purchase because of the mouthwatering color print.

Drives Impulse Purchase at the Point of Sale – With large color prints on the cover, customers will be motivated to buy their products. As such, we can say that fridge branding is an effective way to stimulate engagement and improve sales.

Protection – The waterproof material protects the freezer from dust, water, and sunlight, so the fridge door stays clean all day long.

Brand Exposure: Freezer protectors or covers are a great way to gain massive brand exposure outdoors. Customers will readily see them when they walk along the streets.


Other Ice Cream Promotional Ideas

LED Store Display – A LED retail display can be a great POS advertising idea for ice cream companies as they are suitable for outdoor and in-store marketing.


Freestanding Signage – Find out how Haagen Dazs benefited from this freestanding display signage.


Fridge Door Stickers – Door stickers are a cost-effective way to stand out. Here are excellent examples from two different brands.


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