Display fridge is a very effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness. It is also great as point of sales. There are many kinds of display fridge, one of the most common is shown in the picture below.

Marketing Tool - Display Fridge for Point of Sales

Marketing Tool – Display Fridge for Point of Sales

As you can see the fridge has large surface area. You can brand it with your logo to increase brand awareness. What’s great about it, you can keep changing the artwork without changing the fridge itself. You can print custom sized stickers and place them on the surface. This is inclusive of the glass. You can create artwork that makes the drinks inside this fridge look more appealing.

Using Display Fridge as Marketing Tool

Display fridge has a glass door that allows consumer to see the product on display. This may entice consumer to buy the product. This is especially so when they recognize the brand such as Coca-Cola or Red Bull. But first, before consumers are aware of the product, you have to draw their attention.

This display fridge has a neon light on top. It shines from inside the brand display and make the logo luminous. Next best to flashing LED lights, neon lights are very bright will inevitably draw attention. But it’s not easy to customize LED light to resemble your logo.

This method is a more practical way of increasing brand awareness. As a point of sale, it works well too. The fridge display the products neat and tidy. There is a light shining on the products, making them luminous too!

For drinks company, this is a good marketing tool to use. You can always change the display over time to introduce your latest product line. You can provide this display fridge for use as long as your retailers take supply from you. This can bind your retailers due to the good facilities provided.