Do you need fresh ideas for POS displays? If so, this freestanding signage by Haagen Dazs will surely inspire you to create interesting out-of-the box point sale displays.

Freestanding Signage

Freestanding Signage

The ice cream brand caught our interest through their custom promotional display. It’s simple, yet effective and attention-grabbing. We have seen so many great POS display designs before but this one still managed to stay on top of our minds. Here’s why:


Haagen Dazs Freestanding Signage – Why it Works!

Interesting – Haagen Dazs created a simple yet interesting point of sale display. The shape as well as the colors, relate to the product itself. As seen in the photo, the top part of the display resembles the canopy awning of the shop. It is an interesting little detail that gave the display a distinct character.

Freestanding Signage

Freestanding Signage

Color Coordinated – They used warm colors such as old rose, pink and gold for this display. The color combination lends a vintage-y and high-end feel. The matching exterior and point of purchase display create an interesting cohesive design that is easy to remember. Furthermore, the colors match their interior. Therefore, this display allows for finer brand remembrance.

Custom Designed – Haagen Dazs freestanding signage is custom designed to make their products stand out. They made use of colorful advertisements to lure people into the shop. Since it is custom designed and unique, it will be easier for customers to locate the shop.

Cost-Efficient  – If you take a closer look at the display, you will notice that the poster can be changed. This means replacing the adverts to fit their promotions is easy. This allows the brand to save more since they will just have to make new tarpaulin instead of creating new bespoke displays. Therefore, this is an inexpensive yet effective method of in-store marketing at a very low cost.

Brand Placement – The display is positioned outside the shop so passersby can have a good look at their offerings. Strategic positioning allows the brand to make their products visible, thereby raising brand awareness and brand recognition. And the more the freestanding signage is seen, the more customers become more interested in their products.


What Can be Improved?

Customizing a freestanding signage for your own business is fairly easy with these simple tips to keep in mind:

Find a Theme – Like what Haagen Dazs did, you can find design inspiration from your own brand visuals. Having a theme creates a unified look that allows your brand to stand out. Take a look at this example by Hoshi Ume Sparkling. Their wooden POS display has an authentic Japanese designs that really attract shoppers.


Light it Up! – Adding lights to your display c,an definitely help your display to become more noticeable. This is especially useful for dimly lit shops or stores with not enough ambient light.


So, are you looking for an effective and flexible method to give your brand a boost at a low cost? If so, then a freestanding signage might be what you need. Work with The ODM Group today. We have the resources and the talents to help you make the best promotional products for your business. Our product designers at Mindsparkz are here to assist you.


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