The cooler bag is an insulated box that can be carried easily and used to keep food or drinks cool. It can come as a backpack, carry bag or can be adapted to other forms – incl. with wheels.  A hard Shelled Cooler Box is also known as an Esky.

Cooler bags are often taken on picnics or on vacation, but can be equally useful around the house and garden if fridges are full.   This is a very good idea for promotions which will display your branding where people have drinks.

Häagen-Dazs have a promotion in China right now.  A nice branded cooler bag, in the shape of an ice cream tub, is given as a promotional gift (GWP) with each purchase of a 40 CL box of ice cream at 69 RMB (about 10 USD).

This gift with purchase is designed to fit different sizes ice cream cartons. This marketing campaign has been positioned in the center of some of the supermarkets we visited in China for an optimal exposure.  Complete with POS Station as seen on picture below.

You can customize your own cooler bag.  Our buying office can help you to design it acoording to the colors/size/ shape/design you want and include your brand, and logo.

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