PWP Mechanism: Buy 2 tubs of ice-cream - pay extra for limited cooler bag

Haagen Dazs, a popular ice-cream brand in Hong Kong, has recently been very active with its marketing to promote and drive sales of ice-cream tubs.

This is reflected in its use of different POS displays and promotional products as they intend to dominate sales for off-premise consumption.

Below we compare their 3 simultaneous promotional product campaigns, using unique gifts in each of the different outlets.

  • Wellcome – Promo Bags
  • Park & Shop – Ice Cream Scoop
  • 7-Eleven stores – Mobile Phone Stand

1) Wellcome Supermarket

Wellcome supermarket is one of these outlets where we spotted a POS display containing Haagen Dazs’ new line of promotional product – Muse bag – to give its limited edition ice-cream smoothie a push.

Muse Bag on Display

The PWP mechanism used here creates synergy with its products as the bag is made to keep ice-cream cool; insulating properties of the bag slows down the melting process. This means that customers are now able to enjoy Haagen Dazs while on the move!

Notice: The artwork even features a tub of Haagen Dazs, giving the bag its distinctiveness. The design and shape of the bag allows it to portray itself as more of a fashion accessory than just a typical cooler bag.

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2) Park N Shop

Park N Shop, another giant chain of supermarkets in HK,  features a different promotional product by Haagen Dazs – a premium ice cream cone shaped scooper. This scooper is launched in favour of the family pack, encouraging customers to purchase to be able to enjoy the exclusive scooper.

Redeem Mechanism: Buy any 2 family packs + 19.90HKD and redeem this cool premium scooper

With its quirky form (of an ice-cream cone), the premium scooper is able to garner massive attention and provide immense utility for its cause. Ice-cream and scooper goes hand in hand with each other and in this case, this promo encourages customers to use a scooper rather than a spoon which tends to be much easier and convenient when distributing ice cream within the family.

Functional promotional products always ensure repeated usage – whenever recipients use the scooper, they will be reminded of the brand and a lasting impression is left.

Haagen Dazs' Phone Stand Giveaway to promote its ice cream bar

3) 7-Eleven

7-Eleven, on the other hand, shows a redemption deal by Haagen Dazs, featuring a phone stand with a cute teddy, hugging a tub of ice cream.

For every 30HKD purchase of Haagen Dazs ice-cream, you get to exchange your receipt and redeem the phone stand shown.

Placed prominently at the cashier top, the phone stand caught our eyes (I believe plenty others’ too), and we were amazed by how Haagen Dazs incorporated its signature ice-cream tub in this phone stand without destroying the entire vibe or outlook.

The tub manages to establish long term connection with the brand in the otherwise irrelevant phone stand.  A great way to focus the effect of promotional products to specific items which are not doing well is through redeem mechanisms like what Haagan Dazs had pulled off.

Haagen Dazs have strategically used different promotional products with varying causes to promote the different types of ice-cream they feel are not doing well or with needs to open the market to improve sales.

We feel they have succeeded in running an excellent campaign, but what about you – leave your comments..

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