If you are in the beverage industry offering glasses as promotional products is one of the more common ways to increase value and differentiate yourself.  Having a funky glass could really get the attention of customers and encourage them to purchase..

Great glass which is able to feature your brand's bottle at the same time!

A glass not only provides utility for its purpose, it also creates synergy and ties in with your brand.  We came across this double-walled glass at the Canton Fair, and we immediately saw great potential as a promotional product. This innovative glass features a cool upside down longneck bottle sandwiched inside the pint.

The interior longneck bottle can be customized to adapt to your brand logo and label (usually integrated onto a retail bottle) to maximize brand awareness and increase visibility. Your customers will feel as though they have never left the bottle yet enjoy the pleasures of drinking from a glass.

Benefits of the double-walled design:

  • Your beverage is kept cool over a longer period of time with no direct contact to the inner glass – no thermal transfer.
  • The inner wall sustains most of the messy condensation, keeping the exterior dry.

This glass is the perfect complement to any beer or soft drink which uses this shape of bottle; it constantly reminds the recipient of your brand. See below for a similar design to get a better idea:

Though different from the upside down glass, this glass gives you an idea of what to expect

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