Check out this outdoor POS Display we love from Japan.   This is one way to guarantee a long line of customers waiting outside your restaurant on a daily basis.  Restaurants like 89BAL lead the way in mad marketing that really stands out.   You know what this restaurant serves and no matter how much you use  POS Displays inside nothing will compare this outdoor marketing.

outdoor POS display

3 Ways Outdoor POS Display by 89BAL Can Charm Customers in Japan

This steakhouse in Japan has a life-sized cow right outside the windows to greet the new guests. It has horns and hooves – a couple of distinctive elements of the animal – yet that’s where their similarities end. This replica, in fact, reflects a lot of things about the restaurant.

For one, beef is the main dish that 89BAL offers. Secondly, although it’s a Japanese diner, they wrote “Welcome” in English on the tag around the cow’s neck. Local consumers, and even the foreigners who can’t read in Japanese, won’t then think twice about entering the store.

The advertising model sits with one hoof on the backrest and the other on top of the chair. The shirt and the shorts it’s wearing prove as well that they don’t have a dress code in 89BAL. Aside from resembling a cool man, it reflects this restaurant’s laid-back setting.

outdoor POS display

3 Ways Outdoor POS Display by 89BAL Can Charm Customers in Japan

Looking at the promotional design at a different angle, you’ll notice an available space on the wooden bench. Beside that are two tall chairs that (obviously) come from the diner. With its head facing the customers, the cow can make them feel comfortable to wait for the cleared tables inside. If the manufacturer created it to only look ahead, the people’s reaction may be less positive.

Now, why is this outdoor POS display perfect for any restaurant?

  • Budget-Friendly. The branded molded the merchandise out of resin, a non-expensive material. It can stay outside the shop regardless of the weather without the sun or the rain damaging the surface. In case you’re promoting a new dish, you can just change its clothes to suit your campaign. There’s no better product to do outdoor advertising with than one that has many uses.
  • Branding Goals. If urban dictionaries accept “friendship goals”, then it should be OK to use “branding goals” to define a POS like 89BAL’s. After all, it doesn’t have excessive logos, which can turn off customers at times. The words are simply on the chalkboard laying on its chest too, so they’re still marketing with class.
  • Charming Gift. The outdoor POS display gives people something to do while waiting: take pictures with the cow. These folks may not mind hanging around this mascot as it means they can post selfies on social media. Coincidentally, it may increase your diner’s online following too and boost brand exposure.

Don’t the ideas above make you want to launch an outdoor POS display ASAP?

The important thing here is that every element surrounding the main product must contribute to the scene. The wooden platform, the bench, and the colors, in the end, blend nicely with 89BAL’s concept.

Once you’re set to have a go at this advertising scheme, holler at The ODM Group anytime. Enjoy!

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Final point we love on this promotion.   There is space on the seat so you can go back and take Selfies to promote the brand.  Send one to us if you ever find yourself in the back streets of Ebisu, Tokyo.  Enable your customers with Promotional Products and have lots of fun with Displays.