We’ve seen a lot of big outdoor displays from different brands. But, this custom outdoor display from Cartier is massive! It’s almost half the size of most shopping malls. As a matter of fact, everyone could see this oversized display a few kilometres away.

It was an extraordinary promotional display as it has become a tourist spot. That is because this Ferris wheel is the largest advertising Ferris wheel in motion in Southeast Asia.

Cartier Stays On Top With Their Custom Outdoor Display

Cartier Stays On Top With Their Custom Outdoor Display

Custom Outdoor Display: Ferris Wheel

This Ferris Wheel sits magically outside the newly renovated Cartier store at ION Orchard. This 14-metre Ferris wheel boasts almost 2,688 flashing light bulbs. Just imagine how beautiful the lights are every night. The so-called carts on the Ferris wheel look like the boxes from Cartier.

This marketing campaign of Cartier doubles as their Holiday decor for Ion Orchard.


What Makes This Massive Custom Outdoor Display Impressive?

  • Attracts Attention – Yes! This gigantic display grabs everyone’s attention. Also, the location is very strategic because it stands on one of the busiest streets in Singapore. Crowds of people pass this road every hour. Therefore, placing this eye-catching promotional structure at this place is beyond perfect. Should you want to see a more affordable alternative, check out this custom inflatable bottle below:
  • Brand Exposure – As you may have noticed, Cartier’s logo hangs perfectly at the center of the gigantic structure. It wows every passerby, prompting them to take photos of it. As their photos make its way to social media where it’s shared by internet users worldwide, it multiplies brand exposure by thousands.
  • Reaffirms The Brand’s Image – Let’s give it to them. This marketing campaign is well – executed and it exudes elegance. This reaffirms the brand’s image that amidst all competitors, they are still on top. They are still and will remain an impressively luxurious brand.

Overall, this may be one of the best marketing campaigns that we’ve seen this year. Kudos to the team behind this ambitious outdoor advertising display from Cartier!

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