With a temperate climate in the city of Ho Chi Minh, one would definitely crave for an ice cream. The outdoor display stand by Mcdonalds portrays their top favourite vanilla cone. Priced at an affordable price of 10,000 VND (0.43 USD), no wonder Macdonalds is pushing to increase sales! The massive custom display stand will certainly catch eyes of wandering locals and tourists alike, looking for something cold in the sweltering heat.

outdoor display stand

outdoor display stand

Why Does This Outdoor Display Stand Capture Our Attention?

  • Large in Size – To heighten brand awareness, brands should consider life-sized branded retail display to their advantage. Consumers will be more inclined to spend as there is an actual visual of the product that encourages spending. Hence, with this simple concept, it can certainly boost the sales of brands.
  • Customisability – The ability to customize make space for creativity and uniqueness in design. Moreover, the material used can either be of high grade or mid-grade depending on your marketing budget. The increase in flexibility allows brands to allocate resources more effectively, hence reducing mistakes made.
  • Brand Visibility – By raising the marketing efforts through outdoor advertising, brands can also increase exposure to consumers. It educates them on the availability of products and promotions that is beneficial for both brands and customers. Thus, while more knowledge is acquired by customers, it also creates higher brand awareness.


Areas of Improvements

  • Neon Lights – To enhance visibility at night, the display stand could have LED light surrounding it. A good example would be by Big Bad Wolf with their custom 3D signs below:


Overall, it is always good to continuously improve on a current promotional display so that your brand will not lose out in the industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us because we specialize in product designing, custom retail packaging design and manufacturing high-quality promotional products and POS display units. We can also provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will certainly help you with product brainstorming session. Send us an inquiry today!


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