Side Wing Display- Simple, Powerful Display Solution to Upsell Products

In the retail industry, sustaining the interest of customers is paramount to driving brand performance. One of the ways merchandisers keep customers engaged is by using effective POP displays. A great example would be this side wing display for the energy drink, G-Drive.

We sighted this simple, excellent point of purchase at a petrol shop in Russia. Made from steel wires, it houses multiple cans of G-Drive energy drink.

Side Wing Display

Side Wing Display

It was attached to the end of a big gondola display so we spotted it straight away. Since it is like a separate shelf, it stands out from the rest effortlessly. Its functional design allows merchandisers to easily replenish the display stock.

Side Wing Display

Side Wing Display

We love how it helped differentiate their energy drink from other types of beverage on the shelf. More importantly, this type of POP display has helped a lot to upsell their products. Here’s how:


How a Side Wing Display Can Help You Upsell Products

Highlights Products

Making your products stand out is an art. However, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune on very expensive displays. Hangsell, shelf, and side kick displays are inexpensive ways to stand out and direct the attention of shoppers to your products.

In this example, G-Drive used a metal wire hanging rack. It protrudes from the wall and is very noticeable. You can even recognize it from a distance.

Side Wing Display

Side Wing Display



Most side wings are self-merchandising. You can see little advertising posters, that explain what the product is, its benefits, and sometimes mechanics to join the promotion, attached to the display.


Cross-Sell Products

Cross-selling is a marketing strategy, wherein merchandisers offer items related to the main selling one, to push customers to make additional purchases. For instance, a merchandiser might promote smaller items such as comb, hairnet, and hair polish beside an end cap display for a shampoo brand. But where does a side wing display comes in?

A side wing display is often used to house these little products to ensure that they do not get pushed out of the background. What this POP display does is pinpoint to customers what items go together with the main selling product. It gives them an option to make additional purchases while they are on that side of the store.


Influence Buying Behavior

POP displays like shelf banners, hangsell displays, and side wing displays encourage customers to make a last-minute purchase. They are usually positioned at an end cap to supplement an ongoing promotion or hung beside similar products on the shelf. They draw attention to specific products you want shoppers to see, ultimately converting curious onlookers to loyal customers


Bringing It All Together

Simple, inexpensive, and effective in driving up in-store sales, a side wing display is a worthwhile investment. For stores that have limited floor space, it is an excellent in-store product display to maximize your retail space.

Furthermore, they are excellent for co-branding and cross-selling brands. Definitely a win-win for store owners and brand!


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