Onboarding. The essential process of welcoming and integrating new employees into your company and their new role. It is the first point of contact between the new hire and your team, where first impressions will be formed. Many employers rack their brains to create great onboarding kit, which are traditionally a great way to form a good first impression. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, various parts of the world are still under lockdown and many businesses are operating remotely. This does not mean that you cannot provide an effective onboarding experience for your employees. Here are 11 welcome gift ideas we feel would make a perfect remote onboarding kit!

1. Notebooks

First and foremost, notebooks are an essential everyday item. They are a staple of every work onboarding kit, and will definitely be kept within reach. With your logo printed on the notebook, it is a great way to spread brand awareness to family and friends during future gatherings after the pandemic is over.

The product code is ODM-207.

2. Sticky Notes

The sense of time moving definitely slowed down over the course of the pandemic. Sticky Notes are a great way to keep track of reminders as they can be pasted anywhere! From the computer to the wall, to the fridge, there are countless uses for sticky notes. As part of a remote onboarding kit, it will be helpful for your new employees to jot down quick notes, stay organized, and create their own checklist of things to be done!

The product code is ODM-209.

3. Pen

Available in both metal and plastic, pens are a fail-proof item to include as a welcome gift idea. They will come in useful when your employees are getting started with their training with your team, as there are writing materials readily available for them in this remote onboarding kit. Pairing well with the notebook, your employees would not have to worry about scrambling to find their own writing materials. They will definitely feel appreciative!

The product codes are ODM-202 (metal) and ODM-204 (plastic).

4. USB

USBs are effective storage devices. With training and communication being done online, there will be megabytes upon gigabytes worth of training videos to be saved. This makes the 4 in 1 USB Flash Drive with logo the perfect addition for your remote onboarding kit! Your employees can free up precious local storage space and back up their work data into these flash drives.

The product code is ODM-3097.

5. Coaster

It is certainly risky to send branded promotional mugs and custom water bottles through the mail to your employees. Especially since they are at home, where there would be no shortage of mugs. What you can include as a welcome gift are a branded drink coasters! It is the lovely gift to be placed on their work desk for their coffee or tea.

The product code is ODM-105.

6. Smartphone Stylus

Electronic gadgets are the main and almost only form of communication in the current pandemic. Many of us have to spend hours on our smartphones, and I know we have all suffered from sore finger joints at some point in time. We simply use our phone too much! To relieve the stress on finger joints, another addition we have for you is this smartphone stylus. Holding it much like a pen, your employees will no longer have to spend the end of their days with uncomfortable thumbs!

The product code is ODM-607.

7. 3 in 1 Cable

iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel – everyone has different devices that require different USB cables to charge. How would you know which one your employee needs? Well, with this 3 in 1 USB Multifunctional Cable, you will not have to worry about that! Having connectors of Micro USB, Type C, and an 8-pin connector, it is compatible with most smartphones, and even other electronics such as portable chargers and wireless earbuds.

The product code is ODM-3216.

8. Phone Sticky Cleaner

The majority of us are attached to our phones. Even more so in current times, where electronic gadgets are our main form of communication. This phone sticky cleaner is made out of microfiber and can conveniently be attached to the back of your phone. To use it, simply peel it off and use the surface to wipe your screen, and stick it back to your phone! The adhesive can also be refreshed by rinsing under cold water, washing the microfiber as well.

The product code is ODM-606.

9. Mouse Pad

Most wood and plastic desk surfaces can wear out the mouse’s feet and damage the desk as well. This will eventually make the mouse more difficult to use. Mousepads can easily counter this problem as it gives the mouse an even amount of friction during use. The user will have a much more comfortable time. It is a wonderful welcome gift idea as part of your new employee’s remote onboarding kit, which we are sure they will love!

The product code is ODM-3269.

10. Desk Calendar

The end of the year is coming up! In preparation for next year’s onboarding, you can consider including a desk calendar as a welcome gift idea. Despite the digital age, handwriting events and tasks is a good form of exercise for the brain. It can also offer your employees a chance to step away from their screens during a busy workday to avoid digital fatigue. It is a chance for them to rejuvenate and for you to have a more productive team!

The product code is ODM-206.

11. Canvas Tote Bag

With so many welcome gift ideas suggested, where can you pack them in? There is no better way than a stylish canvas tote bag with logo! Fully customizable, you can print your company’s logo or create a fancy design your employees will be proud to show off. Furthermore, the bag can be reused in other ways. Gone are the days where those gift bags you receive are simply thrown away after a while. Save the environment!

The product code is ODM-316.

Our Takeaways

We know how difficult the current times are, and we are here to help. Sending a remote onboarding kit with our welcome gift ideas definitely adds a personal touch to your company’s culture. Your new hires will undoubtedly appreciate this thoughtful pack.

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