How to build trust and loyalty? Showing appreciation towards clients, employees, and customers is the core value of every successful company. Business appreciation gifts help companies convey sincere gratitude towards clients for their trust; employees for their hard work; and customers for their support.

Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty

Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty


So, if you’re looking for cool corporate gifts that your recipients can use at work and at home, then, why not try these cute night lamps? We found these at a trade show just recently. And we know that they can provide excellent branding opportunities.

Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and LoyaltyBusiness Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty


These night lamp come in different sizes, color, style and designs. We have snow man lamps, animal shapes, and cute characters. So why do these lamps make great corporate gifts for clients, employees, and customers? Here’s why:


Night Lamp Features and Benefits:

  • Ample Space for Printing Brand Name/Logo: You can have your logo or brand name printed on the body of the lamp. Because these are so cute, it’s better to not make the logo big. And we love the neat, minimalist style, so Embossed logo / brand name or small prints are ideal.
Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty

Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty

  • Battery-Operated: Portable and wireless, this means recipients can take them anywhere around the house. Wireless and battery-operated also means they can use it during emergencies and power outages.


Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty

Business Appreciation Gifts – How to Build Trust and Loyalty

  • Can be Custom Designed: This means designs are not limited to our examples. You can choose to have your corporate souvenirs designed in-house. Or if you have a design in mind, can send it to us and we’ll make sure to give you the best possible promotional product for your business.

Cute and trendy, these night lamps will be great for any age range. So, your employees and customers can use them at work or give them to their kids at home.

4 Quick Tips on Designing Night Lamps

1. Provide Convenience: Pulling an all-nighter? Such company gifts are ideal for these situations. They will get to use a beautiful lamp while the company becomes a part of their every day lives. It’s certainly a win-win!

2. Make Your Brand Visible: When your clients, employees, and customers feel that you appreciate their support, they’ll be loyal to your company even more. Giving business appreciation gifts during important occasions and milestones can strengthen business ties. For instance, using the night lamps as token of appreciation for company anniversaries, Christmas, Year-End parties, or promotions will make recipients feel they part of your success With your brand on the product, the recipients will eventually link their positive experience to your gifts.

 3. Be Generous: You want to look professional and reliable so it’s necessary to invest in high-quality and practical gifts. Why not pair your night lamp with other office promotional gifts or corporate promotional stationery? USB’s and custom power banks are also ideal as they can be used for work. Do check out our blog for more ideas! Here’s a comprehensive list of ideal corporate gifts:


4. Be Sincere: There’s no better way of showing your sincerity than giving greeting cards. Pop-up cards are a simple way to express your heartfelt thanks. Although you can use a template for convenience, you can still write a few lines on the blank part of the card for a personal touch. And then, you may attach the card on the gift’s packaging. See this product here:


Our takeaway…

If you’re looking for effective and simple business appreciation gifts, it’s necessary to think in terms of what your audience wants to receive. You should consider its functionality, relevance, and customizability. Customised lamps are ideal because they are practical and they come in various colors, designs, and sizes. And because they will be used by clients, your brand becomes part of their routine, increasing brand engagement and fostering loyalty.


How ODM Can Help?

The ODM team, together with Mindsparkz, is here to help you with all your designing, sourcing and manufacturing needs. Contact us to get started with your marketing project!


Business Appreciation Gift Ideas

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