As a company owner, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about what promotional corporate gift suits your clients. Yep. It is undeniably a very daunting task to do. There are a lot of questions like, does he already have this one? Or, Will he like it? You may sometimes end up asking your colleagues what could be the best gift to give. Cast your worry away. This printed suitcase would surely be your best option.

Promotional Corporate Gift

Promotional Corporate Gift

What we love about these suitcases is that they are made in the shape of old TVs, magnetic cassette tapes, radios, and phonographs. There is nothing more nostalgic than these pieces of antique-looking pieces.

They will surely appeal to collectors and people who love vintage stuff. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also great conversation starters.


What Makes Printed Suitcase the Best Promotion Corporate Gift?

According to a survey, the US has reached $232.1 million in vinyl LP and EP sales in just the first half of 2020. The recorded sale was way far higher than the total revenue for CD sales during that season.

But, what would be the reasons behind the resurgence of this old-fashioned music player? Well, way back then, record player serves well in playing people’s favorite songs. It makes listening more satisfying and brings a very intimate experience. Besides, the quality of the sounds it produces makes audiophiles’ listening experience a gratifying one. The major comeback of this product comes with a unique and even more attention-grabbing facade. But what makes this product an ideal promotional corporate gift, especially to your premium clients?

Promotional Corporate Gift

Promotional Corporate Gift


Unique Gift Idea

There could be few companies that offer this kind of present. Certainly, it is not the kind of gift that could usually be received by clients.  Tumblers, mugs, notebooks, and water bottles are some of the common presents given to clients. This printed suitcase definitely breaks the norm. If you’ve got clients who have a great record collection, they would definitely love a such printed suitcase. Giving them this type of gift would help them revitalize their collection.

Highly Customizable Product

With suitcases, you can have the freedom to choose the design that perfectly suits your clients’ personalities. It can be made from wood and metal. But this particular example is made from PU leather, which gives it a high-end look similar to real leather.

Promotional Corporate Gift

Promotional Corporate Gift

Printing your company logo in the suitcase may also help increase the retention of your brand to your clients. If you want to create a lasting and more professional look, you may opt for an embroidered or embossed logo. This printing method is more long-lasting than, say, screen-printed ones. Moreover, they lend an interesting texture to the product.


Relatable Design

Your customers can truly enjoy listening to their favorite albums with the new and improved version of the record player suitcase. Customers would definitely appreciate the product with its new designs.


Promotional Corporate Gift

Promotional Corporate Gift

There are a lot of new and high-tech audio players that come into the market today. But this fact never hinders manufacturers to create innovative ways to bring record players to the limelight again. And that’s where the printed suitcase comes into play.


How to Select the Ideal Promotional Corporate Gift for Clients?

A corporate gift allows you to introduce your brand to potential customers. Moreover, it helps tighten your relationship with your current clients. It is also a very nice way to show your appreciation to them. Listed below are the things you have to consider on how to choose the ideal corporate gift for your clients.

1. Recipient

You have to ask yourself first, to whom am I going to give the gift? You have to identify who you are giving the present to. In that way, you can immediately come up with the best gift that suits their personality. You want to make sure that your gift will be of use to your recipients.

While these vintage-looking suitcases are ideal for younger ones, we can also help with designing more professional-looking ones that would match the older generation.



2.Time or Event

Think of the best timing or event to give the present. It could be during a thanksgiving, your clients’ birthdays, or any important event to your clients’ lives. Planning the right timing to give a token will make the gift more special and meaningful to them.

Another important reason to time your gift-giving is that peak seasons such as Christmas and New Year can cause delays in shipping. So you want to plan ahead of time. Get in contact with a supplier months before your schedule. This will give you a lot of time to really think through your designs, revise, and avoid shipping and manufacturing delays.


3. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the corporate gifts? Allot enough budget for the gift. Look for something that would resonate with them. Determining who and how many people you are sending the gift to allows you to maximize your marketing budget more effectively.



4. Ask for Suggestions

There is nothing wrong with consulting your teammates when it comes to gifts they want to receive. In fact, it is a very practical thing to do. It is better if someone will oversee your orders and manage the gift you prepared for your clients.


To Summarize…

There is a lot of reasons why you, as a company owner have to give presents to their clients. It simply keeps your brand on the top of your client’s mind. Consequently, it is also a very strategic move to make a one-time customer into a regular buyer.


Why ODM?

If you are a company that requires custom promotional products to offer to your clients, ODM is here to help. We design branded packaging for businesses, customize giveaways, and curated different promotional merchandise.

Being in the industry for 17 years, the quality of the work we have is definitely what our clients love about us. If you think that a printed suitcase would be a good gift idea for your clients, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Email us with product code ODM-3375.

We, at ODM, don’t just get the work done. We always make sure that we do things excellently. Contact us to learn more about our services.


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