Packaging in antique replicas can really give your brand that look of quality and elegance.  These antique style cases and wine boxes serve as good decorations and give the perception of treasure containers.

The wallpaper is customizable – logos and designs can also be engraved, embossed or imprinted on these wooden containers to increase the perceived value.   Substitute materials such as PU leather, metals and plywood..  A huge assortment of sizes and shapes are available – sharp/round edged boxes to chest like suitcases.

Different tones of browns are quite popular – See Pantone Chart.

These are very interesting for the Spirits business as GWP – Saw lots of packaging solutions yesterday at the Vinexpo.

Below retro looking wine boxes are great for POS displays. Create a grand atmosphere by placing them in the hallway or serve wine to your guests from these boxes.