Looking for interesting POS display ideas to promote your brand? We think that using antique replicas like cases and boxes can make really captivating vintage POS display. They can really give your brand that looks of quality and elegance. These antique style cases and wine boxes serve as good decorations and give the perception of treasure containers.


Why do they make great promotional items?

1. Customisability

The chest is very customisable. You can select the type of size or shape for this vintage POS display, such as sharp or round-edged boxes to suitcase-like chests. Design is highly customisable like wallpaper and colour. Different tones of browns are quite popular. In addition, the chest can be made of various kinds of material such as PU leather, metal, or plywood. Plus, you can have your brand logo engraved, embossed, or imprinted on these containers.

Vintage POS Display

Vintage POS Display

2. Great for many kinds of products!

They are great for displaying wines, watches, cosmetics, and also apparel. These POS displays can give your brand a more vintage and classic vibe to it.


3. Increase Perceived Value

The design of this vintage POS display gives it a very vintage and rustic feel to it. This can make your brand feel more premium and high-end. For example, using this as wine POS display can increase their perceived value. Shoppers are usually picky with their wine and also judge them on their label. Having a higher perceived value means they will pick your brand over the rest.

Vintage POS Display

Vintage POS Display

4. Attract Shopper’s Attention

This vintage POS display is very interesting and different from other POS displays. It definitely intrigues shoppers to take a look at it and the product displayed.  Shoppers can also remember your brand for your innovative POS display.

Vintage POS Display

Vintage POS Display

5. Make Great Decorations

Lastly, they are really aesthetically appealing and they can beautify the store. They really make great decorations and make your store more retro or vintage looking. Hence, will definitely attract the hipsters!

Other than stores, they can also make you home a grand atmosphere by placing them in the hallway or serve wine to your guests from these boxes.


6. Also, make great packaging

Vintage POS Display

Vintage POS Display

Other than using antique replicas as POS display, you can also pack wine into individual boxes.  These are very interesting for the Spirits business as gift with purchase. There were lots of similar packaging solutions at the Vinexpo. Using this as wine packaging will entice shoppers to purchase your product.


Vintage POS Display

Vintage POS Display


Our Learning Points

Using vintage POS displays like antique POS display makes a really creative promotion strategy for brands.  They are aesthetically appealing and will captivate shoppers. Not only that, but they can also help boost your brand image and your perceived value.  It will make your brand more high-end and luxurious.


Interested in bespoke POS displays like this, feel free to reach out to us and our team can help you with it. We have years of experience in the promotional products industry and have done tons of custom POS displays for many different brands. We also have a talented team of designers who can help with promotional product design and sketch design. Nothing is too complex for our team.


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