Picture this scenario. You are at the supermarket. You remember you need to get wine, and head over to the wine section. Whoa! There is an endless barrage of countless wine brands. Now you are at a loss for which brand of wine to go with. This is a situation that customers face everyday at the wine section of any supermarket. Take a look at this wine section at a local supermarket below.

Promotional Wine Box

Which wine bottle do your eyes first dart to? Almost definitely, it is the wine bottle enclosed in the wooden box. This custom promotional wine box keeps a bottle of Warre’s wine enclosed in it. Before you even pick up any bottle of wine to examine it closer, the enclosed wine bottle immediately catches your attention. Naturally, anyone in this situation would definitely be intrigued to pick it up and examine it.

The wine market is an extremely saturated industry. Customers have an endless range of brands that they can go with. While this is great news for customers, its certainly not good news for a wine brand. As such, wine brands have no choice but to come up with ways to stand out from their competitors. Customers need to see something other than the usual stacked barrage of black bottles.

Promotional Wine Box

Enter the enclosed wooden promotional wine box. While this promotional packaging is very simple, it adds a substantial amount of value to the brand. As such, this is an excellent way to market any product. It is especially effective on homogeneously packaged products like wine, as you can easily make your brand shine out from your competitors. This custom promotional packaging design is not a new or revolutionary promotional method. Yet, it remains as one of the most highly effective marketing methods to promote any product.

Why You Need the Promotional Wine Box 

  • Instantly Grabs Attention: The promotional wine box’s color, shape and packaging creates a stark contrast to the other brands of wine. People naturally have a subconscious ability to detect differences and contrasts in whatever they see. Hence, passers-by who walk pass the wine section would find their eyes immediately drawn to the promotional wine box. This is an excellent method to bring attention to your brand.
  • Increased Brand Value: The custom packaging of the promotional wine box also adds value to your product. Thus, when customers see your wine and compare it with the other wine brands, they are going to perceive your brand as being high in value.
  • Aesthetically Appealing: The promotional wine box is elegantly designed in wood. Moreover, it comes with the custom logo of Warre’s printed onto it. This creates a rustic and vintage feel to the wine. Therefore, you don’t have to be a wine aficionado to appreciate the design of the box!
  • Brand Recognition: Even people who haven’t got the slightest clue about wine are sure to stop and admire this packaging. This is an excellent way to make people remember your brand, as your brand is sure to remain plastered in their memories as being high value.
  • Additional Protection: The promotional wine box also has the added functional value of acting as a protective casing for the wine bottle. This way, there is absolutely no need to worry in the case of clumsy customers.

How we can help you:

There is absolutely no reason to not go with the promotional wine box for your brand. If you are interested in a similar custom promotional wine box for your brand, you are in luck! ODM has a dedicated team of product designers who consistently come up with innovative ideas and amazing designs. We are more than happy to design a custom promotional wine box suited to your requirements and requests. Feel free to drop us an inquiry!

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