Are you interested in using charity promotional items to promote a good cause? This method is effective for raising awareness,  bringing the message across to your audience and generating donations. Cancer Research UK is using charity promotional items to raise funds and spread the word about their advocacy.

Charity Promotional Items

Cancer Questions replied on Charity Promotional Items

Cancer Research UK has come up with various charity merchandise. They cost £1 each and proceeds will go directly towards the charity. The organization is the world’s largest charity dedicated to saving lives through research. It uses donations received to invest in research to beat cancer and to find solutions to cure the disease.

Examples of promotional items include:

Custom Pin badges: Small and compact, they are the perfect size to be used on bags and jackets. This makes them very versatile. Thus, companies can reach a larger audience easily. Pin badges are definitely an effective tool to make your presence felt.

Promotional Keychain: They are not overly branded so people of all ages can use them. It’s practical and useful as working adults, students, young and old can use them. Like bags, it can communicate your message effectively.

Other promotional items include:

Custom Notebooks: This item provides great promotional potential. People are encouraged to bring them to work or school everyday because it is functional. In addition, it increases the perceived value of your brand.

Custom Pens: They are often used as an effective promotional product that many businesses prefer for brand promotion. Stylish, unique and colorful, ballpoint pens are great for brand recognition.

Custom Designed Bags: Branded bags can aid faster information dissemination. As people use it for school and daily life, this can help to increase brand awareness and brand recall.

charity promotional items

Cancer Questions replied on Charity Promotional Items

What We Love About Their Charity Promotional Items:

  • Instills good values and morals: Kids and teenagers will be drawn to the aesthetically pleasing design of the items. It is a great opportunity to teach them the importance of being caring and helping people in need.
  • Eye catching POS display: The POS display stood out because the colors are pleasing to the eyes. The color is in sync with the charity’s brand. This is essential as it draws people to your POS display.
  • Informative: The items feature information regarding questions about cancer, an interesting and educational tool for the public.
  • Reinforces your company’s goodwill: These custom and branded charity promotional items provide excellent publicity and play an important role in defining the identity of the charity.

We love the fact that the charity promotional items are going to help people in need and discover new possible ways to fight cancer. By using these promotional items, it will send a strong and clear message to many people.

We Can Help With Your Needs…

If you require charity promotional items to promote your social cause, feel free to contact ODM. At ODM, we have extensive experience in the promotional product industry. Our team can help source, design, and manufacture excellent custom promotional products and marketing gifts for your business. As such, we will be happy to design and manufacture meaningful charity promotional items and gifts for you.

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