Each year ODM makes a celebratory pair of socks for Chinese New Year. Our design team wanted to do something really new this year and we held a product development brainstorm in mid July.  We’ve wanted to get more involved with charities and the pink pig is a natural tie in for Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise.

Our Monkeys floated on the clouds.  Our Dogs had their Bone.  Roosters posed on tree branches.  In 2019, our Smart pig wears a Tux to go to charity events and wear his pink ribbon with pride.

Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise – Donating to a Great Cause

The ODM Group will be sampling CNY-themed socks in August so contact us early and we will be happy to send out samples.  We want to get onto retail shelves early and marketing managers are already planning campaigns for 2019.  We are reaching out to past customers and introducing this new concept.  Our team of designers will be happy to tweak designs to help with any co-branding requirements. Mindsparkz will do all design work around this free of charge.


Our Commitment:  20% of all sales revenue from Pig CNY merchandise will go to Breast Cancer charities around the world.

Socks are only a starting point. More Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise is being developed for launch over the next few months. The socks we have designed for the previous CNYs include the monkey, rooster, and dog.  They were madly popular and by the 12th year, we are looking for a cult following. Check out our old blogs to see some of our previous socks.


It all started with some Monkey Magic.

The Rooster was fun and we did a follow-up Green Colour run to tie in for St. Patricks Day.  Our CEO may have pushed that one through.

The Pug was inspiration for our Year of the Dog Socks.

Here is our Pig design and some other breast cancer awareness merchandise we are designing.

"Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise" By ODM

“Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise” by ODM

"Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise" by ODM

“Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise” by ODM

How Does Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise Support the Community?

By wearing our pig and pink ribbon socks, it honors the survivors of the breast cancer disease. Furthermore, we are releasing other custom promotional merchandise for breast cancer along with our CNY pig and pink ribbon socks. By contributing to these charities, we are helping raise funds for a great cause. We will let our clients decide which charity to work with so this could benefit any number of foundations or charities, but all will be signed off by our management team and linked in our blog for complete transparency.

Here is an example of the socks.  \We have a few colour combinations we are working on and will be posting these on a new blog in the following days.  Stay tuned!

"Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise" by ODM

“Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise” by ODM

In 2019, pig and pink ribbon theme socks will be available as a part of our charity merchandise.  For inspiration on more cancer awareness merchandise for your events here:

More breast cancer custom giveaway ideas here

Support breast cancer like this Estee Lauder with POS Display Units:


The ODM Group has an ongoing project to produce breast cancer awareness merchandise in support of the breast cancer community. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women. It occurs when cancer cells collect, and become a malignant tumor. Although it most commonly affect women, it can also affect men. It is important to raise awareness about the disease and symptoms for a higher chance of successful treatment in its early stages.

With ODM Group’s breast cancer merchandise, we hope to raise awareness, to encourage people to learn more and be educated about this matter. Contact our team today so we can get started with your project.


Promotional Items for Cancer Awareness and Cancer Survivor’s Week

This year, Cancer Survivors Day falls on June 7. According to the National Survivors Day website, it is a “CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community. 

So in light of this significant celebration, here are some promotional items your company can use to help spread the word about cancer and commemorate the lives of those who beat this deadly disease.


With the goal of helping raise awareness about cancer and help save lives through research, Cancer Research UK released branded promotional merchandise. Find out what these products are and how they helped promote their cause.


We love these pink thermoses because they also promote Breast Cancer awareness. If you take a closer look, you will see the pink ribbons printed on the body.


Wearable promo products such as hats make great cancer awareness promotional tool. There are many ways to customize them. You can embroider or print pink ribbons to signify breast cancer; orange for Leukemialight blue for Prostate Cancer; and lavender for all types of cancer.


Here is a unique promotional item to remind cancer warriors that they are not alone in this fight. Sales proceeds were donated to charities and organizations with a focus on Testicular Cancer.