These custom plush toys are one of Starbucks’ exclusive retail merchandise for Valentines’ Day. Starbucks collaborated with Alice + Olivia to create these original stuffed toys along with other custom promotional products. If you need help creating your own line of plushies, it is crucial to work with a trusted plush toys manufacturer.

Plush Toys Manufacturer: Starbucks Custom Plushies Drive Sales

Plush Toys Manufacturer: Starbucks Custom Plushies Drive Sales

Stuffed toys are popular gifts during Valentine’s Day and using it to promote Starbucks is a smart marketing ploy. Since lots of people hang out at coffee shops during this time of year, selling such product will definitely increase sales.

Why We Love this Product?

  • Distinctive Design: The stuffed toys are dressed in signature Alice + Olivia brand colors. Using designs that are catchy and easy to recognize are important if you want to drive sales.
  • Use of POS Display: Starbucks‘ retail merchandise were displayed on a custom POS display beside the check out counter. Positioning the POS display near the check out is a good strategy because it makes the product visible for customers. Moreover, it increases the chances of making additional purchase.

Stuffed toys are effective promotional products because they never go out of fashion. Its relevance increases during special occasions like Valentine’s day. As such, the chances of getting your brand into the hands of your customers are high. So if you want to have plush toys exclusively designed for your company, get in touch with trusted plush toys manufacturer.

Why Work with a Reputable Plush Toys Manufacturer?

  • High Quality Designs: They will see to it that the designs complement your brand image.
  • Efficient: Professionals follow production procedures. As such, you can be sure that they will finish your promotional products on time.
  • Safe: A trustworthy plush toy manufacturer will also make sure that your products are compliant with safety standards. This is important for certifications and labeling. If you want to know more about the guidelines for certifications and labeling, read this blog:

Turn to The ODM Group. Our in-house designers will help you from brainstorming to the actual production process. Together with the Mindsparkz team, we work with topnotch plush toys manufacturers in China.

We have a team of illustrators, graphic designers, CAD designers, and design retainers. Our staff can deliver high quality projects on time.

Keen to produce our own line of plush toys? Send us an email with questions regarding the creative and manufacturing process. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer your queries!

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a POS Display?

A Point of Sale Display (POS Display) is a form of sales promotion where products are displayed near or next to a customer check out area. It is most effective in drawing customer's attention to products and encouraging impulse buys.

What are plush toys made of?

Plush toys are usually made with synthetic fibres such as polyester. It has a soft and lightweight exterior which is stuffed with a similar material.

What are the advantages of plush toys?

They are easily customisable and cost-effective for brands to promote their licensed characters or brand logo. Custom plush toys create a lasting impression that invokes a heart warming emotions for a target audience. The emotion of happiness is the fastest way to gain brand recognition and loyalty.