7 Reasons Why Customized Plush Toys are the Best Marketing Gifts

Customized plush toys are easily one of the best promotional products out there. But these are no ordinary plushies as they are customizable, which means they allow for kids to personalize these products themselves. Kids can DIY these cute soft toys and color them according to their preferences.

Customized Plush Toys

Customized Plush Toys

What we like about this merchandise is that they can strengthen brand engagement. After coloring the dolls, they can display them at home, thereby exposing the brand to other people. Therefore, these custom plush toys are more than just a toy or a past time for kids, but they also work as an effective advertising medium.

Below, we share with you the reasons to invest in promotional plush toys.


Why Invest in Customized Plush Toys?

Fun Factor – Made with kids in mind, these colourable toys will surely add fun to your promotions. Kids and parents would be drawn to your offer because the products provide a wholesome pastime for children.

Can Be Washed and ReusedKids can experiment with colors because these are washable and reusable. We have not seen anything like this before. As such, this unique will surely pique the interest of your target market.

Customized Plush Toys

Customized Plush Toys

Educational – The soft toys will help with tactile stimulation among kids while coloring them would help them develop their motor and artistic skills. Therefore, the toys make a fantastic gift for kids for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions. Offering them as a gift with purchase or as an on-pack promotion giveaway could also boost the perceived value of the main selling products and your brand.

Customization – The dolls come in various shapes so there is a toy for just every one. There are koalas, giraffes, dinosaurs, and even turtles! These plush toys are not limited to these designs as they can also be made in the shape of your favorite superhero or cartoon character. Therefore, they are ideal for brand licensing. We recommend using your own mascot to further promote your company.

Increased SalesPromotional plush toys rank high among the most widely used marketing tools because they allow managers to get their message out there in a fun and engaging way. The toys will serve as a tangible reminder of their marketing message.

Customized Plush Toys

Customized Plush Toys


Enagaging – These products allow for better brand engagement as the stuffed toys can be displayed at home after coloring them. They will last long enough to effectively drive their marketing message to their target market.

Mass AppealCustom designed plush toys appeal to kids and adults alike. As the toys are fun to use and have cute designs, managers are able to get their message across clearly and effectively. This is why stuffed toys make effective marketing gifts for just about any industry.


We Can Help Design Your Customized Plush Toys

Here, at ODM, we strive hard to give you the best promotional products for your business. We visit factory floors to make sure that your merchandise are made to your requirements. There are a lot of procedures involved in producing plush toys that is why it is important to get in touch with your plush toy manufacturer.

If you like these color-in customized plush toys, then get in touch with our team. Product code is 2725.


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What are the steps of the plush toy production process?

The first step is making a sample. The second step is the cutting process. Once you have approved the sample, workers have to cut the fabric. The third step is sewing. Workers will sew the textile fabrics parts together. The embroidery is an optional step. Then, the fourth step is joining whereas step five is stuffing. The fifth step is labels. Finally, the Quality Control and Packaging are the final steps.

What is the stuffing process of a plush toy?

All plush dolls are stuffed with material to make the plush bulky and give it the body volume required. This is a very important step. Each plush needs to be stuffed to the same proportion as the entire order. This is important or else the promotional plush toys will be bulkier than others, which may end up giving a strange look to the final product.

How much should I pay for a plush toy?

The cost will depend on the design, the toy size, fabrics, packaging, quantity. Based on statistics, 8’’ plush should cost approximately 6$ to 9$ whereas little ones should cost between 3$ and 5$.

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