Cadbury have successfully promoted their chocolate during the recent festive season using a custom design plush toy. With Easter fast approaching, In-pack promotional plush toys can successfully advantage your brand in the competitive market.

Attract target consumers this Easter with a custom design plush toy

What are In-pack promotions?

In-pack promotions allow companies to advertise a free Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) inside the packaging of a product. They are very useful form of marketing a new product, increasing the sales of an existing product or driving impulse purchases.

Here are marketing strategies made possible through Cadburys In-pack promotion:

  • Visual merchandising- Cadbury have made their chocolates visually appealing in the GWP plush toy campaign. The distinctive design used to situate the monkey as an in-pack promotion and on-pack promotion has resulted in attractive visual merchandising. It is also because of the custom colour scheme used that identity the brand and the packaging. Cadbury have stylistically created a product that stands by the iconic quality it represents.
  • Cross promotion- Cadbury have skillfully promoted their chocolate as an everyday chocolate that the family will enjoy whilst also marketing the GWP towards the younger demographic. They have done this by incorporating a Christmas present on the packaging of the chocolate which identifies it as a Christmas delight, enjoyed by everyone. As a result of incorporating an in-pack gift with purchase, kids are compelled into pestering their parents to buy chocolate. Cross promotion strategies like this, can be used with majority of GWP campaigns.
  • Brand association- The brand initiated a psychological and emotional connection between their brand/product and their target consumers through the in-pack promo used. When children get their hands on the plush toy, they will associate their happiness with the Cadbury brand. This enables the child to remember and positively perceive Cadbury chocolate in subsequent encounters with the brand/product.


How ODM Can Help

At ODM we use extensive manufacture techniques to ensure the design of your brands custom plush toys suit the description. This includes; choosing fabrics, cutting the fabrics using templates, silk screen printing and embroidery, sewing and stuffing. To read more on this process, check out this blog!

During the manufacturing process we give hands-on-attention to our clients plush toys. We put just as much effort into manufacturing a P.O.S counter display and custom retail packaging that will further develop the in-store merchandising of your product

Why invest in a custom design plush toy?

Plush toys can be used as marketing gifts because:

  • They never go out of fashion
  • Appeal to a large demographic
  • Have a step-by-step easy manufacturing process
  • Advantages your brand in a competitive market
  • Can better your brand reputation and customer retention

If your company wants to manufacture promotional plush toys for any marketing projects you may have- then place an inquiry through the ODM website today!


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