Mua Travels & Tours in Vietnam is trying to boost their tourism and sales through bicycle marketing. As many in Vietnam rely on motorbikes to commute, bicycles can be seen as an alternative in reducing carbon footprint. This is surely a smart marketing strategy to spread knowledge of the brand through simple outdoor advertising!

Bicycle Marketing

Bicycle Marketing

As seen above, the brand uses blue and yellow/orange to represent them. This combination of colors is able to outshine and capture the attention of drivers, commuters, and passers-by alike. Moreover, the creative designs are branded everywhere possible on the bike and the shirt worn by the employee. This undoubtedly reinforces brand recognition and people will certainly hear of the brand more often.


Why Is Bicycle Marketing Effective in Vietnam?

  • High Customizability – with the freedom and flexibility of making informed design decisions, the brand definitely appeal to a greater pool of customers. Because majority has a short attention span, the aesthetics of brand is the determining factor in capturing and retaining customer’s interest. Hence, as the market gets more competitive, it is important to differentiate in accordance with the consumer’s behavior.
  • Simple & Cost-Effective – The brand uses good quality custom shaped posters to be attached to the wheels on the bicycle, basket and even a board stand. Moreover, employees wore a simple branded snapback cap and a branded t-shirt. This straightforward way of marketing can prove to be more cost-effective considering the fact that Vietnam manufacturing is fairly budget-friendly for startups. Hence, there would not be additional costs incurred from external purchases made internationally.
  • Popular Way of Commuting – As commuting via vehicles like buses, cars and bikes is almost an everyday thing for Saigoneers, advertising services and products on the road is an effective way to reach out to a wider range of people. This traditional method of marketing can bring information across to those with no access to the Internet. Thus, brands should consider what would be the best way of marketing through understanding the lifestyle of locals.

Speaking of street promotions, these food cart mobile kitchens are also a fantastic innovative way to bring your brand to the streets. With mobile advertising, your brand can gain massive exposure on a daily basis.


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Overall, even if your marketing budget  is low, marketing and advertising to consumers is still possible through innovation and meeting the needs of consumers.

At ODM, we have vast experience in the industry, specializing in product designing and manufacturing high-quality promotional products, packaging, and POS display units.  We can certainly provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will certainly help you with product brainstorming session in your next marketing campaign. Feel free to send us an inquiry today!


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