Johnnie Walker attracts passengers in the airport with its newest whiskey bottle packaging design. As a limited edition item, the packaging is branded with the Game of Thrones design. True fans certainly wouldn’t want to miss this gem!

Bottle Packaging Design

Bottle Packaging Design

On a closer look, the promotional packaging has the logo of Johnnie Walker printed, alongside with ‘Game of Thrones’ logo above. The overall look of the package also boasts a sophisticated look by using the colours blue and white.

Bottle Packaging Design

Bottle Packaging Design

Moreover, there was a mini retail display standee further promoting the release of this collaboration!

Bottle Packaging Design

Bottle Packaging Design

Why Will This Bottle Packaging Design Collaboration Be Successful?

  • Increase in Customer Base – Reaching out to a more diverse group of customers can expand knowledge and awareness of a brand. Moreover, it leaves a positive customer experience and may increase the frequency with which customers come back to buy from you. Hence, the overall effectiveness of this marketing strategy is successful and can be applied in other upcoming campaigns to push for greater sales.
  • Higher Perceived Value –  As brands collaborate, it heightens the perceived value of the product as it does not commonly happen. To cater to a specific group of customers show that brands do see the importance of those people. Therefore, it increases the average value of each sale one make because consumers are willing to pay for the goods.
  • Scarcity Effect – By offering a limited edition item, it encourages people to get it before it runs out. Furthermore, due to the fear of missing out, news will spread like wildfire of this promotional offer. Hence, the more scarce and special a product is, the more precious and wanted it becomes. So people will have the tendency to get the product regardless of whether they truly need it.

Possible Improvement

Overall, what catches the eye is firstly the packaging design. And to capture customer loyalty, brands have to earnestly understand their target market and come up with creative ways to instil likability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of packaging design?

Packaging design plays a role in how customers would see your company and, in extension, your brand. For one, investing in great packaging would lead to customer attraction. Enticing packaging design can lead to increased sales. To enhance that, you need to communicate your branding on the packaging.

Where will the promotional packaging be manufactured?

ODM has managed to build a network of over 2,000+ factories – with a huge variety of production capabilities in China, Vietnam and India, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

What is the importance of packaging?

Packaging is so much more than just protecting a product. It's an essential marketing tool, which supports branding, emphasizes the product's best features and creates an unforgettable experience for the customer. It can elevate your product to the next level.