VinExpo, the biggest wine expo will be held in Hong Kong today! Here is a perfect gift for wine lovers.

Promotional Idea: Hexagonal Wine Carrier

This hexagonal wine carrier can be transformed into a wall hanging rack or an 11 bottle stand when it is laid flat on a surface (6 at the bottom, another 5 at the top!) This item comes in very handy when intending to bring a few bottles of wine for a party or buying a couple of bottles of wine at your local store.

ODM loves this product because it has a lot of room for branding. You can print your logo either on the back or front side of the wine carrier. Printing your logo is important as it creates brand awareness and coupled with its functionality, it provides the company with free advertisement on the move.

Do you know bottle neckers are a great way to promote your wine bottles too? Check out our website that has all the low downs on bottle neckers.

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