Tired of the usual promotional idea? Do you want to offer something that will spark customers’ interest? If so, then check out this innovative and creative promotional merchandise: silicone wine bottle carrier.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Made from silicone, this wine bottle carrier is the perfect substitute for cardboard and plastic bottle carriers. It is sturdy, flexible, fun to use, and really useful. It resembles a mesh net bag, which we normally use to haul fresh produce.

Would this be a good promotional product idea?


Creative Promotional Merchandise Idea: Why Silicone Bottle Carrier Works

1. Collapsible and Portable

The modular design is also what makes this really intriguing. It is collapsible, so it is very easy to fold flat and store in kitchen drawers. Portable and very easy to use, this silicone wine bottle carrier makes it easy to carry a bottle of wine, gin, vodka, and even condiments when you are traveling. It can also be used to carry 2 or 3 cans of beer in one go.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise

2. Multi-Use

Not only is it designed to carry bottles of wine, but it also works as a coaster, trivet, and insulation pad, thanks to its non-slip property. Place the warm pot on the silicone mat to protect tables from stains and damage.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise


3. Decorative

When folded, they can be used as a trivet or a coaster. And because they can be Pantone-matched to your desired colors, they add a pop of color to your kitchen. It can be offered as a kitchen promotional item along with other silicone items such as custom silicone moulds, gloves, and ice moulds.


4. Offers Great Branding Opportunity

After the wine bottle carriers are Pantone-matched, you can also get your brand printed on the center of the pad. This way, customers will be exposed to your brand every time they use it.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise

As they are compact, they also make great mailers and covermount gifts. They can be stuck onto the packaging or cover of a magazine. This not only promotes your company, but it also helps increase readership, which is beneficial not only for your brand but for the publication and the customers as well.


5. Reusable and Safe to Use

Silicone is flexible and surprisingly durable. Heat and water-resistant and non-slip, the wine bottle carrier will surely last for years. Unlike cardboard, silicone does not absorb water or condensations from cold bottles and cans of beer.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise


6. Great for Events

We often see high-end wine cases to carry bottles of wine. However, they are often on the pricey side. This silicone wine bottle carrier is inexpensive, making it perfect for trade show marketing, clearance sale, and New Year and Christmas promotions.


7. Ideal for Food Delivery Services and FMCG Marketing

Food Delivery Services have been very in-demand since the onset of the pandemic. However, one thing we noticed is the excessive use of single-use plastic. While it cannot be completely changed overnight, one way to slowly minimize the use of plastic is to offer reusable ones.

For instance, this silicone wine bottle carrier can also be used to deliver bubble tea, coffee, and soft drinks. After transporting the drinks, delivery personnel can take the carrier back with them.

Fast food chains should also consider integrating this ingenious idea for takeaways. For instance, offering these silicone bottle carriers as a freebie for drinks bought, and giving discounts for returning customers who bring their own branded carriers.


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