6 Innovative Merchandise that Brand Marketing Managers Love

Brand marketing managers are always on the hunt for useful products that will improve their consumers’ life. And because there is always a demand for innovative merchandise, we rounded up some of our favorite product ideas below.

Innovative does not always mean “electronic”. There can be every day, simple products that are convenient to use and designed to make our lives comfortable. Brand managers love them because they are simple, fairly inexpensive, and guarantee daily exposure.

If you are looking for innovative merchandise ideas, then check these products out:


6 Innovative Merchandise that Brand Marketing Managers Love

Touchless Door Opener Key Tool

According to research, the Coronavirus NCOV-2 can stay up in the air and surfaces for at least 3 days. Therefore, it is important to sanitize your hands after touching frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, elevators, and ATM keypads. However, it is safer if you do not touch them directly. This is where a touch tool comes in.

Innovative Merchandise - Brass Contactless Door Opener

Innovative Merchandise – Brass Contactless Door Opener

This door opener key tool is made in the shape of a key, so people can touch keypads, pull open doors and drawers, and turn door handles without directly touching them.

Made from brass, this touch tool is sturdy ad easy to disinfect after use. The stylus tip can also be replaced to ensure that germs will not spread further.

Innovative Merchandise - Brass Contacless Key Tool 2

Innovative Merchandise – Stylus Tip for Brass Door Opener


Hands-Free Elevator Stylus

How is this different from the other touch tool? Well, this one is much more colorful and has a self-disinfection system. Put disinfectants in the foam found in the cover and body of the stylus.

Innovative Merchandise - Contactless Stylus

Innovative Merchandise – Contactless Stylus

Another reason we love this is that it can be made in various colors. You can go for soft pastel tints and warm shades. It is also pocket-sized, making them handy in any situation.

Innovative Merchandise - Contactless Door Opener Stylus

Innovative Merchandise – Contactless Door Opener Stylus


Silicone Dish Tray Holder

Silicone is heat, slip, and water-resistant, which makes a fantastic material for kitchen and cooking tools. Unlike silicone gloves, these dish tray holders are shaped to fit perfectly in your hands. The ergonomic design makes it easier to grasp pot covers, baking pans, and pot handles.


Innovative Merchandise - Silicone Clamp Holder

Innovative Merchandise – Silicone Clamp Holder

With this innovative merchandise, your company will surely get immense daily brand exposure. This will work well as a gift with purchase with baking and cooking essentials.

Innovative Merchandise - Silicone Clamp Holder

Innovative Merchandise – Silicone Clamp Holder

For this product, contact product code ODM-3241 to get a quick quote.


Silicone Wine Bottle Carrier

Made from silicone, this wine bottle carrier is a durable, yet a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, and plastic-based wine carriers. They are even more inexpensive than wood. What is great with this promotional product idea is that it is multifunctional. It also works as a trivet and a drink coaster, thanks to its non-slip property.

Creative Promotional Merchandise

Creative Promotional Merchandise – Innovative Merchandise

Aside from carrying bottles of wine, they can also be used for carrying and holding bubble tea glasses, and cans of beer. Do you see your brand offering this innovative merchandise? Then contact our team with product code ODM-3243.


Plastic Color Changing Cup

This fun innovative merchandise changes color and this is not just for aesthetic purposes. The color changes when there is a change in the temperature of the liquid poured inside the cup. Captivating, trendy, and fun to use, color-changing cups are great for bar promotions and coffee shop marketing.

Innovative Merchandise - Color Changing Cups

Innovative Merchandise – Color Changing Cups

For inquiries about this product, you may send us an email, and do not forget to quote product code ODM-3194.


UV Sterilizing Products

Portable UV sterilizing gadgets are also gaining popularity nowadays. They are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. As they are portable, they are handy and easy to carry around.

In our previous blog (Hop on the UV Express: Top 5 Leading Promotional Sterilizing Products) we listed out five great examples of portable UV sterilizing gadgets, and we love all of them!

There is a handheld wand, a phone box (which you can use to disinfect multiple devices at once), and a neck purifier. Check out the blog to know your options.


Portable Fans

Are you looking for products that will give customers instant relief during hot summer days? Portable and handy, these mini fans would be the perfect companion when traveling. As they are small and compact, they are also ideal for office use. They are functional and decorative at the same time. Take a look at some of our examples here: Marketing Ideas that will blow customers away: Mini Portable Fans

Innovative Merchandise

Innovative Merchandise – Portable Fans


Contact ODM

Are you interested in any of the innovative promotional merchandise mentioned above? If so, contact us today, and do not forget to quote the product codes for reference.

Here at ODM, our team is always on the lookout for new and exciting custom marketing gift ideas and branded promotional products that suit your branding requirements. With years of experience in the promotional and marketing industry, we can provide you top-notch product sourcing, designing, and manufacturing services. Send us an email so we can get started with your next project!


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