Chocolate Promotion Ideas: Custom Advent Calendar Packaging

Christmas is an important time for companies as it is the season filled with promotions and sales. That is why custom packaging plays such an important role during this festive season. It can help your brand stand out against other brands on the shelf. Spotted in a Singapore supermarket, these custom advent calendar packaging for popular chocolate brands such as Cadbury, Maltesers, KitKat, and Mars caught our eye!

custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

An advent calendar is a special calendar used to countdown to Christmas. It is a tradition dating back to the 1850s. The packaging typically has 24 openings, one for everyday leading up to Christmas.

custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

What We Like About These Brands’ Custom Advent Calendar Packaging

Packaging Design

By customising the chocolate product packaging with festive elements and incorporating advent calender, it will definitely help highlight the product to consumers in the store. In addition, the festive elements go hand in hand with what consumers are looking for during this Christmas period. Hence, customers may be more inclined to purchase the product to get into the Christmas mood.

custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

Boost Sales

The unique approach to Christmas packaging by making use of an advent calendar can ultimately result in a boost in sales! It is a great way to countdown to Christmas, thus helping to improve customer’s experience when consuming the product. In addition, it adds a sense of mystery and variety as customers do not know what is behind each door. As a result it encourages impulse purchases of these chocolate products.

Brand Awareness/Recall

The custom advent calendar packaging is what customers will see first.  The distinct red colour and the deep purple for Cadbury are the signature colour of each brand. Additionally, with the advent calendar being used to countdown the days to Christmas consumers will be looking at the packaging everyday. This will help to increase overall brand recall and brand awareness.

custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

Sustains Interest

The advent calendar fuels customers’ curiosity because they do not know what designs each window will reveal every day. This keeps them engaged for longer, thus sustaining their interest in the on-pack gift.

Our Takeaways

It is important to show that your company cares and celebrates important holidays with your customers. This is due to their association with happiness, family gatherings, friendships and more. Most consumers identify Christmas as something positive and a special event people look foward to. If it is reflected in the products’ packaging, then it has a higher chance for impulse purchases!

custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

Contact ODM

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custom advent calendar packaging

custom advent calendar packaging

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