Why Pretty Packaging for Beauty Products Sells

Businesses spend a fortune on high-quality packaging for beauty products. Cosmetics is a lucrative industry. With so many big brands out there, you need to make sure yours stand out on the shelf.

The packaging is one of the first things that customers will notice about your merchandise goods, especially when it comes to cosmetic products. People often equate beautiful packaging with quality and efficacy. As cosmetics promise to enhance our beauty, the packaging should also embody that goal. One good example is Ecococo, an Australia-based cosmetic brand.

Packaging for Beauty Products

Packaging for Beauty Products

One of our staff members recently spotted their products being sold at a department store in Russia. We absolutely love the idea of using cute pouch bags as their packaging for their face serum Evening Moon (in moss green) and Morning Sun (in pink).


Packaging for Beauty Products: Why Ecococo Rocks!

Visual Appeal: These cute and dainty pouches really stood out to us. Using two different colors to differentiate the variants of serums is a smart move as this will prevents mixups.

Protects the Product: Made from a soft velvety material, the drawstring pouch bags also protect the products from scratches.

Packaging for Beauty Products

Packaging for Beauty Products

Reusable: The custom cosmetic pouch is definitely reusable. Once customers are finished with the serum, they can use it to store other smaller beauty items such as lip balm, small bottle of perfume, and even loose change.

Upholds Brand Quality: Simple and classy- that is the feeling we get when we saw Ecococo’s product packaging. When it comes to cosmetics, it is important that the design is consistent with your brand identity to convey your brand message.

Packaging for Beauty Products

Packaging for Beauty Products


The Importance of Packaging for Beauty Products:

Pushes Sales

We choose products that immediately catch our attention. When presented with a wide variety of products, we tend to choose the ones with pretty packaging. Thus, we can say that packaging plays a vital role in pushing customers to make a purchase. Since many of us barely have time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a certain product, the packaging serves as our basis for our decisions.


Influences Our Preferences

How does your packaging affect your shelf impact? People are easily influenced by color, placement, as well as the message printed on the packaging. How well you present your packaging affects the way shoppers perceive your products.

We have our own preferences and cosmetic brands know how to tap them through effective imageries and colors. Visual appeal is everything when it comes to selling cosmetics. A weird-looking or unoriginal packaging will give your brand a bad reputation. As you are selling products that create images of beauty, it is critical that your packaging embodies and promotes it.


Protects the Products

A good packaging should also protect your merchandise. This is why it is important to choose the best materials to use when marketing cosmetics. The box or bag should be sturdy enough to provide stability and protection.


Top of Mind Awareness

When we see something different or unique, we tend to remember that product easily, right? In a way, pretty packaging is the extension of your brand identity. It helps build awareness and promote the benefits of your products.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Do you need help with designing packaging for beauty products? If so, ODM is here to help you out! Our team can help from product brainstorming, designing, all the way down product sourcing and manufacturing.

W can also assist with designing and sourcing promotional cosmetic products, cosmetic displays, and other promotional items that could help you boost your business. Get in touch with our team today!


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What are the Best Packaging for Cosmetic Products?

PET is best for cosmetic products that have essential oils and alcohol content. On the other hand, PP or Polypropylene Plastic is a usually used for tubes and cosmetic containers (e.g. bb cream and liquid foundation). If you want a more high-end feel, glass is your best bet. They are a popular option for lotions, essential oils, and products with high Vitamin C content.

What are some eco-friendly packaging options for cosmetic products?

The most common and cost-effective options would be glass jars and bottles, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and reusable containers.

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