In the beauty industry visuals and aesthetics play a very significant role in enticing consumers. They are also a simple way to show off the quality of your brand’s products. Packaging and placement are key to irresistible beauty promotion, this is especially so in the saturated beauty industry. This beauty products display shelves by Clinique definitely caught our eye in the busy department store in the UK!

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Beauty products display shelves

Beauty products display shelves


Clinique made a great choice of free standing display unit and beauty product display shelves to market their products. They used a large and visible POP display that will be noticed by customers when they shop around the department store. Hence, ot is a sure-fire way to market your beauty products effectively, boosting product sales and brand awareness.



Your beauty products display shelves are the first impression shoppers will have on your brand. The quality that shoppers see at a glance reflects the perceived quality of your brand. We certainly see high-end and luxury from Clinique’s retail display rack! Not to mention a picture tells a thousand words, your retail merchandising can tell a story of your brand to your shoppers.



In the beauty products display shelve Clinique makes use of the space the display gives to show their competitive advantage “Allergy Tested” and “100% Fragrance-free.” That definitely helped make Clinique’s products more exclusive by highlighting their best selling points. What the brand has to offer is spelled out short and sweet to entice shoppers that are walking by, making Clinique stand out from the competition.


Visual Appeal

Visuals and aesthetics are big, especially in the beauty or cosmetics industry. Packaging and the way your products are displayed is the first step to drawing your customers into your brand. The digital screen display, as shown below, is one of the ways Clinique has done great visual advertising. Doesn’t the refreshing image of water to show the hydration of Clinique’s new product intrigue you? Indeed, Promotional floor display and digital displays make great promotional tools for your brand.

Beauty products display shelves

Beauty products display shelves


Instead of showing one product on the display shelves, Clinique chose to display different product lines. Products that cover from skincare to makeup. This would help improve product sales as it would be tempting for customers to pick up and purchase more than one product.


Our Takeaways

Beauty products display shelves are amazing forms of marketing for your brand. Customise and brand them to tell your brand story and boost the visual appeal of your products to customers. Retail merchandising displays are able to increase brand exposure, attract customers, and encourage purchases. Appeal to your target customers’ needs and your brand’s selling points. Not to mention such marketing tools that you are able to reuse for your next marketing campaign.


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