Palmolive is offering a wonderful on pack gift to their customers. Shoppers may take home a promotional purse every time they purchase this gift set. The purse keeps coins and trinkets that easily fit inside this tiny bag. It also comes in a neutral hue which goes perfectly with any outfit or bag. Therefore, carrying this purse won’t be an issue in your personal style.

3 Ways A Promotional Purse Can Boost Beauty Marketing

3 Ways A Promotional Purse Can Boost Beauty Marketing

How Can “Gift With Purchase” Stimulate Sales?

If may not show in the photo but the coin purse is branded with the Palmolive logo. By doing so, this increases brand retention for the shampoo brand hence more people will remember Palmolive when they’re out buying shampoos. And if this gifting trend will continue, this enforces brand loyalty. Therefore, customers would be encouraged to make repeat purchases which could increase sales for Palmolive.

Why Do We Love This Promotional Purse?

  • Classic Look – The simple design and the good choice of colour add a modern yet classy look to the purse. Thus, attracting various individuals from all walks of life.
  • Brand Awareness – Customers will have no problem using the promotional purse because it is handy and compact. As a result, brands could easily pull off an effective marketing material fora s long as the purse is well – branded.
  • Customisable – As mentioned, it is not enough to give away promotional products, you need to get your brand out there by printing or branding your company name on it. And with its neutral tone, logos can easily be placed almost anywhere on the purse. Printing or embossing the logo could help in making your brand name visible to potential buyers. If you would like to know more about embossing and debossing, please feel free to check out the link below.


Overall, a promotional purse makes great collectible item or gift with purchase not just for the beauty industry. Since promotional pouch bags /purses and custom branded bags are highly customisable, there are many ways to use them within any promotions and no matter what type of industry you are in.

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