If you are brewing another beer marketing campaign, here’s a great addition to your promotional products and giveaways. This beer bubbler is an innovative promotional giveaway for brewers like you!

brewers promotional giveaway

Beer Bubbler: Brewers Promotional Giveaway


Key Features of a Beer Bubbler

A beer bubbler, commonly called beer frother, is definitely a great revolution in beer drinking, thus a real game-changer in beer marketing. Beer is no longer new to everybody. Its been circulating in the market a long time ago, but with technological advancement, it becomes newer and undoubtedly better. Drinking your favorite beer could even be more gratifying with the use of this beer bubbler. But, what really makes this beer accessory an exceptional one? Here are its key features to feed your curiosity.



brewers promotional giveaway

Brewers Promotional Giveaway

This handy foam maker is designed for beer drinkers and lovers out there. The product is very convenient to carry because of the light material used. The product only measures 94*64*75mm and only weighs 125 g. Thus, this portable bubbler is a great way to experience an excellent foam on the top of the beer- anytime, anywhere!


Easy to Operate

Whether canned beer or bottled one, this beer bubbler is very easy to operate. As mentioned above, Beer bubbler of a foam maker is invented to make beer drinking even more enjoyable. This beer bubbler operates with the use of 2 triple A batteries. These batteries are enough for a long time of use, hence it will take some time before replacing them. To the product, the lid of the can must be opened first. Next is to attach the gadget to the can or bottle. Press the switch on the top part of the bubbler and pour the beer out when done and Hola! It will start foaming.

brewers promotional giveaway

Brewers Promotional Giveaway

Enhance Beer Taste

A perfect foam on the beer is developed due to ultrasonic vibrations. This beer bubbler has a high level of ultrasonic vibration that creates the foam. Moreover, this shuddering does not only creates a creamy foam but also enhances the taste of a beer. The vibration it produces helps enhance the aroma of the beer as well.

What Roles Can It Play To Your Business?

There’s no denying that this beer bubbler can be the next big thing in beer and drinks marketing. Listed below are some of the promotional ideas that you may do with this gadget.

1. Business Giveaway

Building a good relationship with your clients helps maintain their loyalty to your brand. Thus, giving business giveaways became a tradition for most companies. Whether you are throwing or hosting a party, this beer bubbler is absolutely an effective way to impress your guests. Thus, giving such business giveaways would be appreciated, especially by your beer lover visitor.

brewers promotional giveaway

Beer Bubbler as Brewers Promotional Giveaway

2. Gift With Purchase

Gift with Purchase is an effective marketing strategy used by most companies. Who wouldn’t love free items? Of course, everyone loves to get things for free. This gadget is a very great example of a GWP item. The quality and its functionality justify why it is very worthy to own. Therefore, it could be the main reason for customers’ impulsive buying. Customers’ buying simply means sales.

brewers promotional giveaway

Brewers Promotional Giveaway

3. On-Pack Gift 

There is no doubt that this beer bubbler is the best complimentary item for beers. So, using this product as an on-pack gift to your beer products is something that is worthy to try. Since it is very customizable, adding your brand logo on the item is a great way of advertising your brand and product. Giving away on-pack items helps in the retention of your brand to your customers.


To Wrap This Up…

Among any other beer accessories, this beer bubbler is definitely a surefire way to spread the word about your brand. It will no doubt improve your customers’ drinking experience. And as a result, they will


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