4 Ways a Custom Beer Flight Can Revive Stale Marketing

Have you ever went to a bar and there are so many beers to choose from, you find it hard to commit to one drink? So you sit there contemplating on what to order, while also feeling uncomfortable because you know you are taking too long to decide. This is where a custom beer flight comes in.

You might have seen a beer paddle serving 4-8 types of beer in shot glasses. This is used to allow customers to sample different types of beers on tap in one sitting. Usually, the custom beer flight features their lightest to strongest samples to help customers decide which they like. For pub owners, this is also a great opportunity to engage customers and sustain their interests.

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Beer Flight

There are so many things you can do with a beer flight. For marketers, it also presents a huge opportunity to revive your stale marketing strategy. But, before we delve into its marketing benefits, let us first learn the basics.

What Do I Need to Have an Irresistible Custom Beer Flight?

Paddle: The fun starts with a beer paddle. Usually made from wood with slots for glasses, the paddle allows you to be creative with branding and aesthetics. The slots on the paddleboards can also vary in size.

We absolutely love this beer branded wooden beer flight because it has a chalkboard attached to it so bartenders can label the samples.

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Glassware: You have so many choices when it comes to what glassware you want to serve your beer in. Normally shot glasses are used so that customers will not get easily accustomed to the taste of beer and allow them to sample more.

Here is our recommendation, a set of branded drinking glasses with an engraved logo.

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Beer Flight: How Does it Help Revive Your Stale Marketing?

Creativity is key when it comes to marketing beer. What might have worked for you a year ago, might not work for you today. You do not want your customers’ interest to dry out. So, how can a custom beer flight help breweries and pubs to sell more?

  • Co-Branding Pushes Sales

Breweries can push sales and help pubs at the same time through co-branding. Branded beer flights are a win-win for both the brand and bar owners. Some breweries have more than two beer brands under their names. But because not all beers are created equal, one brand might be more popular than the other. A custom beer flight is a fun way to introduce your products to your customers in a more creative and engaging manner!

  • Helps Customers to Reach a Decision

Sometimes, customers visit pubs without any specific drinks in mind. So, this is a great way to introduce new drinks to them and influence their buying behavior. Offering them different kinds of beer to try gives them a chance to explore other tasty options that they otherwise will not discover if they go for a pint of their usual beer right away. The goal is not only to help them to commit to a full glass of beer, but also to help them enjoy and savor the taste of each sample.

Custom Beer Flight

Custom Beer Flight

  • Create Unique Experience

What we like about beer flights is that they can sustain customers’ interest. Serving beer flights keep customers excited for new products you are going to introduce to them. Pairing food and drinks not only broadens the palate but also creates a unique experience they will never forget.

  • Keeps Your Menu Fresh

Aside from being easy to implement, custom beer flights are an interesting addition to your menu. They are very suitable for adventurous beer enthusiasts who are always open to trying something new. Not a beer expert? This is why this beer flight with chalkboard is so useful. It makes identifying the samples easier for new customers.

Bringing It All Together

Marketing drinks is an art and it is not enough that you have the tastiest beer on tap. You also need to present them in a way that people cannot resist. A Custom Beer Flight is a creative way to introduce new beers to try without overwhelming customers. They not only push sales, but they also create a meaningful and memorable drinking experience. They are also ideal for events, trade shows, as well as, fundraisers.

How Can ODM Help With Your Beer Marketing?

ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry and we can help you with designing and manufacturing high-quality products for your business. We always take on the challenge of creating meaningful and effective custom promotional merchandise for the global market. You can rely on us for everything promotional! If you need more promotional product ideas for beer, wine, and other beverages, then do not hesitate to contact our team. We also have in-house product designers to help you come up with trendy, beautiful, and practical brand designs.

If you like this custom beer flight, then send us an email and reference product code ODM-3238.

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