There are thousands of liquor brands on the shelf. So how do you convince people to choose your products over competitors? One way to win the shelf war is by offering on-pack gifts. Branded drinking glasses are easily the most effective gifts to offer. They never go out of fashion and they come in a wide range of styles. There is a promotional drinking cup for just about everyone!

This cognac brand is offering two free giveaway glasses on-pack with purchase of a bottle of cognac. The brand stood out because they are the only product that offers a gift with purchase. But how effective is this marketing tactic?

Branded Drinking Glasses

Branded Drinking Glasses


How Effective are these Branded Drinking Glasses?

Design Appeal : They used gold printing on the glasses to give their drinking glasses an eye-catching luster. Because gold has high perceived value, the design has definitely improved the overall appearance of the free on-pack products.


Branded Drinking Glasses

Branded Drinking Glasses

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Beautiful Cognac Packaging Design – The brand’s packaging exudes a classy yet warm vibe. They used gold, brown and yellow tones to bring out the rich color of the cognac. Even though it has an open design, you can see that the glasses will not fall out.


Practical Value : There are so many elements that factor into choosing your promotional products, and functionality is one of them. You do not want your promotional product to go straight to the trash bin. As much as possible, you want your custom promotional merchandise to be of use to your target market. This is why many alcoholic beverage company opt for branded drinkware. Because people will surely use them every day, they also ensure daily brand exposure.


Gifts that Can Be Shared – When we have visitors at home, we often offer them refreshments or even alcoholic drinks. With that said, a customized drinkware with your logo could be your best opportunity to promote your brand. Sharing a drink or two after a tiring day is a great way to relax. And when people are relaxed, they are more receptive to new ideas. This means advertising through branded drinking glasses can be an effective way to instill your marketing message to your target audience.


Design Options – You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your promotional drinking glasses. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even offer ones with bespoke shapes or additional functionalities to pique the interest of your target market. Here are some excellent examples:


Cost-Efficient Drinks Promotional ItemPromotional drinkware can cost cost relatively little to manufacture. As such, you can manufacture as many as you need without draining your wallet.

Branded Drinking Glasses

Branded Drinking Glasses

Free Gift Means More Value For Money – Shoppers are always looking for ways to save money. With these marketing gifts on offer, customers would feel as if they are getting more from their purchases. Free items and discounts always appeal to shoppers because these allow them to save more.


Gift Sets are Appealing – Putting together a promotional gift set is certainly an ingenious way to upsell and increase profits. Furthermore, when customers see that all the items they need are in one package, they will surely choose that one over products without any freebie.


So, Would Your Company Benefit from Branded Drinking Glasses?

The above benefits are just some of the reasons to include branded drinking glasses in your brand ambassadors kit. If you are in the drinks industry, promotional glasses will surely help you spread word about your brand. Simple yet effective, these on-pack promotional gifts are certainly worth every penny spent!

If you need help sourcing branded drinking glasses for your next campaign, contact the ODM team today! Our merchandisers and product designers are here to help you out from product brainstorming sessions and sourcing all the way down to actual manufacturing of promotional products. So get in touch with us!

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