Our team just got back from Canton Fair last week and were excited to share these customized promotional drinkware items that  absolutely took their breaths away. Drinkware is always used no matter where you go, it is a convenient product and adds a special touch through the design and logo.

These products are a great example of a good marketing campaign, due to the ease of spreading your brand name, activating brand awareness and stimulating further sales. This blog will show a range of amazing products to wow your customers.

Check out these 9 promotional drinkware items:

promotional drinkware

Promotional drinkware

  1. Coaster Mats: These coaster mats are attractive to the eye with their marble prints and having the choice between a square or circle shape. The shape can be chosen depending on the type of cups or glasses being used.


  1. 2-in-1 Coaster and Bottle Opener: A coaster with a must-have added feature; a bottle opener. Two in one products are always great and more appealing as they save space and time. This coaster still looks as good as the first one but is more effective and will guarantee to take your guests’ breaths away.


  1. Bottle Opener: A necessity when it comes to drinkware. This must-have item will be in demand by everyone, and there are a few different shapes to pick from varying in length, size and design to satisfy customer’s needs.
promotional drinkware

Promotional drinkware

  1. Keyring Bottle Opener: Open bottles on the go with this keyring bottle opener! This cool keyring will definitely come in handy and be useful when no one else has one around. The brand will also be advertised constantly through these keychains.


  1. Alcohol Flasks: A small flask to put in a bag or jacket is always needed as it is small and easy to carry. There are two sizes to pick from as seen in the picture. These flasks have a nice design and with the branded logo on the product, thus everyone will see your logo!


  1. Dice Cup: The perfect accessory for drinking games and sure to appeal to the party crowd, especially where there will be games played.


  1. Flask and Shot Glass Set: Treat your customers with this gift set, remember two items are better than one and this complimentary set with custom packaging gives it a high perceived value.


  1. Cup Sleeve: For the drink lovers or coffee drinkers in the morning on their way to work or university. A sleeve is the perfect item to add personality to a cup and advertise the brand.


  1. Bottle Holder: Don’t let your customers walk around with their drinks in any type of bag, add to their style with these custom bottle holders which have a strong shape and durability.
promotional drinkware

Promotional drinkware

Why you should invest in some promotional drinkware:

From coasters, to sleeves and flasks, all these products are popular in the market and will be guaranteed use rather than being picked up and shoved into the back of a cupboard. The marble print design has been trending for a while and continues to till now. However, a range of shades and designs are available for customization to suit your company’s needs and make promotional drinkware that will satisfy your clients.

Do any of these promotional drinkware items strike your fancy? Can you see your customers carrying their drinks in a bottle holder with your design or using a branded bottle opener with your logo on it?

At ODM Group, we always seek to help our clients choose the best marketing campaigns to boost your brand and enhance brand awareness. Our products are quality checked to ensure high standards. We have our in-house design team Mindsparkz where graphic and product designers are waiting to create amazing new ideas for your next campaign. The product code for the range of drinkware is 2695. If you are interested in them, contact our team by quoting the code to find out more about how we can help you boost sales!

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