Are you running a freight marketing campaign? Take advantage of this shipping container speaker. This product combines entertainment with the recognised design of a shipping container. This will bring life to your promotional marketing campaign.

freight marketing

freight marketing

This unique product is also packaged excellently. With a printed truck to showcase the shipping container design.

freight marketing

freight marketing

Including decals like these stickers on the back of the container is a great way to bring the product to life.

Why We Love This Product

Cut Through The Crowded Space

The freight marketing scene is crowded with many items that are shaped like shipping containers. Examples include branded shipping containers, foam mini-shipping containers, and branded promotional shipping containers. Whilst all these items are great, to really draw attention you need something with a pop! Therefore this Bluetooth-enabled speaker is the perfect promotional product to have.

High Customisation

These Bluetooth speakers offer a high level of customization. Therefore your brand or company logo can be added to the design. Custom Bluetooth speakers are always a customer favorite. By adding your company logo you’re guaranteed to give something that they’ll love.


All promotional products should include an aspect of usability. This way customers will be more appreciative and the product would continue to be used more. This continuous use of the product is essential for ensuring that your brand or logo is seen as often as possible.


Are You Running a Freight Marketing Campaign?

You’re in luck! You can rely on our team to deliver high-quality electronic products that suit your marketing budget. Our company conducts factory visits to ensure that the products meet international safety standards and are safe to use.

Contact us today! We can also assist with designing unique promotional products as well as marketing gifts and POS display units.

So, if you like this product, send us an inquiry referencing product code 2663 to get a quote.


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