China Factory Visits - Benefits of Visiting

China Factory Visits – Benefits of Visiting

What are the benefits of China factory visits?

Clarify Information:

During your China factory visits, you can clarify all the information you have discussed over email and telephone. This is necessary because the factory may not have fully understood your requirements, which means they may have quoted a higher or lower price than actually needed. Clarifying all the information goes hand-in-hand with actually demonstrations and explaining the product to the factory, as discussed below.


Product Demonstrations:

Sketches, designs and samples are almost always a requirement for successfully producing a product with a Chinese factory. However, visiting the factory directly is one of the best ways to ensure that your final product actually meets your expectations. This is especially true if plan to produce a complex product. By visiting the factory you can demonstrate the products use, explain the complex aspects and express your concerns – the factory will be able to offer suggestions and reassure you. Even after understanding the product, new costs may arise or the factory may not have the right machinery. This is good to find out early on, as it will save you time by allowing you to move onto a new supplier with few delays. Ultimately, this personal demonstration will help to prevent any misunderstandings, that will save you time and money in the future.


First Person View:

Depending on the type of promotional product you plan to produce, you may need certain colour materials etc. The factory will often have stock materials that look ‘similar’ and will send you photos showing the comparison between the stock and the original colours. Photos make it very difficult to judge accurately though. In terms of colours, the lighting of the photo will play a huge role. So it’s an added benefit that you can check the colours in person, before beginning production.

China Factory Visits - Benefits of Visiting

China Factory Visits – Benefits of Visiting

Check Facilities

Visiting the factory also allows you to check the facilities, and help you to judge whether you want to go with this supplier or find another. Factors that you can consider during your visits are;

Do they have the right machinery for the product you need to be produced?

What are the factory workers well-being like – are the proper safety precautions in place?

Are the employees helpful and do they understand your requirements?

Conditions of the factory – are the materials stored properly? Is it clean & well organized?


Oversee Production & Resolve Issues

Overseeing production and resolving issues come hand in hand. By visiting the factory during the sampling or mass production process of your product, you will be able to get a first-hand view on whether it’s acceptable, or whether changes are required. This can help to save time and money, by giving you the ability to pick up on any issues as soon as they arise – rather than after production has finished, and the products have already been sent out.


If you’re interested in learning more about the production process and factory visits, you can read more here. If you’d like some inspiration for promotional gifts, you can find thousands of case studies here. If you need to enquire for promotional items or POS displays, we are able to assist you at ODM. Contact us to learn more about the manufacturing processes in factories and how you can vastly your business!

To find out more, check our corporate social responsibility page for a sample agreement signed by all our supplier factories.

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How does The ODM Group ensure ethical sourcing of factories?

Our ethical standards team monitors factories, educates suppliers and buyers, and works with others in the industry to implement effective ethical sourcing programs. Our team verifies that our supplier factories are in compliance with our ‘Standards for Suppliers’ and with the local law. Most importantly, our supplier factories agree to right of audit. Meaning we can visit our suppliers.

Where can I find out about what goes on in a factory visit

The ODM Group believes that visiting factories is something essential to maintain clear communication, finding out more information on products and making sure they are in compliance with our ethical standards. Take a look at our buyer dairy series to help you understand the processes we go through and check during a factory visit. From the start of the manufacturing process to the end product and storage of the products.