The Italian clothing and perfume company Diesel is now offering a promotional gift set. Customers will receive a branded travel toilet bag when purchasing Diesels new perfume for men “Only The Brave”. The offer runs a special promotion as customers also gets a £3 discount so the total price will be £39.

Promotional Gift Set by Diesel

Promotional Gift Set by Diesel

Promotions like this add extra value to the product. The packing looks more unique and interesting and people therefore pay more attention to the product. The branded travel bag helps to increase the overall brand awareness for Diesel, as people will be more likely to remember the brand. This is therefore a “win-win” situation for the Italian company. This marketing strategy will both be beneficial on one product line as well as their others.

A Promotional Gift Set to Increase Sales on New Products.

Promotional gift sets are a great way to introduce new products to existing markets or else existing products to new markets. It increases visibility of the product and people therefore pay more attention, which leads to a boost in sales and higher brand recognition.

Gift sets creates a unique value proposition and makes your new product standing out among the competition. Standing out among the competition means higher returns from your marketing campaigns. This helps brand managers to be more efficient and don’t waist any money.

Marketing approaches likes this also helps to extent your product’s life circle. It will be attractive for a longer period if you brand it together with other and more popular products.

If you want to learn more about promotions like this, which you can include in your marketing strategy, please contact the ODM Group. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world. If you are interested in similar products, then check out some of our related case studies below:

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