Make a good impression on your shoppers with this unique branded shipping container! Shaped as a shipping container, this metal storage box oozes fun and creativity!

branded shipping container

Branded Shipping Container Storage Box

What’s great about this merchandise is that it also makes a great gift or corporate giveaway.  Freight companies will love this product because it is highly customizable, useful, and at the same time, cost-effective. You can store anything from stationery, jewelry, coins, pins, and stamps.

Here are the benefits of using this metal storage box for your campaign.

Stand Out With Branded Shipping Container

  • Design Appeal: The brand name stands out against the green background. It’s a great design choice since actual shipping containers have minimalistic designs. This will make an ideal company giveaway for shipping companies such as Ziegler and Toll.
branded shipping container

Branded Shipping Container Storage Box

  • Practical Storage Solution: Freight company offices are always busy and here’s the perfect solution for a messy work table and office desk! It’s ideal for keeping paper clips, thumbtacks, highlighters, erasers, and scrunchies out of sight. They will love the usefulness and uniqueness of your promotional gift.
branded shipping container

Branded Shipping Container Storage Box

  • Branding Opportunity: The box provides ample space for printing your brand logo or name. You may want to use a printing technique that creates vivid and long-lasting prints. Since the surface is metal, consider laser engraving, embossing/debossing, or printing brand designs.
  • Sturdy: Made from a light yet durable tin material, this shipping container-inspired metal storage box will surely last for years to come! How reliable your product is can make or break your brand. Durable products can make your brand look dependable and stable.

We are offering different materials for branded shipping container models to fit every budget:

  1. Lower-budget option: EVA Foam Mini Shipping Container Puzzle

2. High-end options: Metal and Plastic Shipping Container Models



If you need custom promo items for the logistics industry, contact ODM today. Send code 1936 to get a quote for this new tin storage box container.

Our professionals are experts in the field of design and marketing. We can help you source and manufacture one-of-a-kind merchandise like this branded storage box. We are just one click away!

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