Within the freight and logistics industry the use of a freight marketing gift is a brilliant promo to include as there are many companies offering the same service. A marketing gift is such a valuable asset for a company as it is easy branding and has an enormous exposure to customers. The only way people are going to remember your brand is to through promo gifts and and giveaways where they are getting something back after purchasing a service.

For this purpose, we have thought about a truck toy which has an incorporated speaker and USB port.


USB truck speaker as a freight marketing gift

USB truck speaker as a freight marketing gift


How does this freight marketing gift have an impact on customers’ perceptions of our brand?

The main fact with a marketing gift being successful is its frequency of use and how practical it would be for the the customer. This freight marketing gift can be placed on people desks where the product will have a great exposure.

This USB speaker enables people to connect any device to the truck where they will be able to hear music.

The truck enables easy logo printing in the form of silk screening which will be key so that people remember you.

USB speakers are becoming quite trendy at the minute especially for gifts purposes. We can customize completely the packaging by using a thick color box which increases the value of the gift and makes it look more high-end.

This freight marketing gift would be very handy for people in the logistics industry as the product will be placed on people´s desks and when they have an emergency they will panic and look around for solutions. To be able to be the brand they use, they need to have things around so that they can remember your name.

Solve your problems with great marketing solutions!

You can enquire us this product by referring to this blog: ODM-P-123

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