Using freight marketing gifts will make your customers remember you!

The freight industry specialise in moving cargo and use a range of Transport Marketing techniques to win business.  There are many thousands of competitors, but some of the most well-known freight companies are Maersk LineAlliance Air FreightUnited Parcel ServiceDHLPurolatorGlobalTranzFedEx and TNT.

Competition for freight industry market share is intense.  Hence differentiating themselves with strong product offering and complete marketing solution should include unique and appealing promo gifts.  Below is a list of promotional gift ideas which can be used in the freight industry for transport marketing, but we welcome others from the industry to send their news as we enter the Transport Marketing week.

Miniatures as freight marketing gifts

Freight marketing gifts - promotional container

Freight marketing gifts – promotional container

Customised figurines like miniature shipping containers, trucks and airplanes make great promotional items. They are distinctive icons of the freight industry and can be branded with your signature theme and logo. They can be used as a display at home or in the office which will capture attention and draw looks. Thus, you should brand you logo on it in order to seize the opportunity to increase brand awareness and enhance your branding.

Transport Marketing with Keychains

Freight marketing gifts - FedEx Keychain

Freight marketing gifts – FedEx Keychain

Keychains are a cost-effective promo gift. Everyone uses keyrings and they can be easily customised to suit your marketing needs and can follow the shape of the freight industry icons, such as aeroplanes or trucks. Brand it with your logo to increase brand awareness and boost brand recall which contributes to your transport marketing. When the user carries it around, it will also provide subtle advertising for your freight company.

Stress Balls for freight industry

Freight marketing gifts - Stress Ball

Freight marketing gifts – Stress Ball

Stress balls are a common desktop object which can be used in the office. Take a look at this example and you can see that you can easily customise the stress ball to the shape that you want, such as an aeroplane or ship. This gives you the flexibility to mould the promo gift according to your transport marketing needs. With it great branding area, you may brand your theme and logo on it to increase brand awareness.

Measuring Tape for transport marketing


Freight marketing gifts -  Measuring Tape

Freight marketing gifts – Measuring Tape

This measuring tape is useful for measuring dimensions of products. The measuring tape is built in a perfect size for keeping in a tool box or brought around in the user’s pocket or bag conveniently. It is built into a truck figurine which can be branded to provide free advertising. You may also customise it to other figures which are novel and innovative in order for customers to remember your brand.

Name Card Holder

Freight marketing gifts -  Name Card Holder

Freight marketing gifts – Name Card Holder

Name card holders can be used to store name cards on the user’s table and at the same time, create free advertising and transport marketing for your company to anyone’s eyes it catches. By branding your logo on the name card holder, it is functional and yet serve as a subtle reminder for your branding when placed on the user’s table. Anyone who draws a name card is bound to look at your logo and this boosts brand awareness for your freight company.

USB Thumbdrives for air freight

Freight marketing gifts -  FedEx USB

Freight marketing gifts – FedEx USB

USB thumbdrives are a great way of promoting your brand. It is highly useful due to prevalent technology in current times. Almost everyone has a thumbdrive to store and transfer files from one computer or laptop to another. When the user plugs in the thumbdrive to the computer, you can design an LED light to blink. This will draw some attention from the surrounding people and you may boost your brand awareness with your logo. You may also draw attention with an attractive design, such as the aeroplane or ship figurine. This will undoubtedly provide free transport marketing for your company. What do you think of these promo gift ideas for transport marketing?

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