Here is a great freight industry gift idea for all those that are in the logistics and shipping business. These Aqua USB’s are cheap, easy to design and a great hit for any trade show! If you’re company delivers goods through air, sea land or just organises the whole thing these USB’s can take on any shape to suit your company.

Companies such as Toll and Fedex already have a great selection of logistic promotion products. This aqua USB would be a perfect addition to their repertoire of marketing gifts.


Freight Industry Gift Idea: Aqua USB

Freight Industry Gift Idea: Aqua USB


What We Like About This Freight Industry Gift Idea:

  • Easily Customisable – With them being USB’s they have the possibility for a range of colour schemes, appearances and shapes to suit what ever area of the freight industry your company may be in. Some examples could be that of a container, a ship or even just a crate. In addition to this it can of course just be a standard USB shape.


  • Easily Customisable Aqua bubble – Like the USB itself the Aqua part of the USB can be easily customised to be personalised to your company. With such examples as a Ship or a plane inside the aqua bubble it is open to multiple designs. With this aqua part it also makes the promotional gift stand out from other USB’s making it more interesting and fun, even if the USB design itself is simple.


  • Branding – Like all USB’s they are easily branded. Having only a small area the branding can take up most of the USB itself being the main focus of the freight industry gift. In addition to this the aqua bubble will draw more attention to the branding and the company itself.


  • Usable by everyone – Within the business and IT world in particular, USB’s and data storage is a regularly used thing. A USB is an inexpensive solution to do this. This therefore means that as it is used by a lot of people, the more given away means the more used and the more they are used the more brand exposure there is; Networking companies and growing the number of potential clients.


Freight Industry Gift Idea: Aqua USB

Freight Industry Gift Idea: Aqua USB


ODM think this is a great freight industry gift idea suitable for any transport company across the world. If you are interested in creating your next logistical gift contact us today.

If you are interested in a aqua USB specifically then use the reference number; 1034 when speaking to our sales team.

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