Stress ball keychains make great freight custom promos for logistic companies. They can be customised to any shape and design you want in order to reflect your branding. Stress balls have a great branding surface to brand your logo on it. Read more to find out how you can use this effectively as a promotional item…

Why Use these Stress Ball Keychains as Freight Custom Promos?

Freight Custom Promos: Ship Stress Ball Keyring

Freight Custom Promos: Ship Stress Ball Keyring

These stress ball keychains can be customised to your own shapes and designs such as the icons of the freight industry like aeroplanes and ships. The stress ball keychain comes with a keyring which can be hung anywhere or it can be used to organise promotional keyrings.

It is also a form of stress reliever as the user may squeeze the stress balls as he or she carries them around. Making stress balls as a freight custom promos you have both functional and aesthetic benefits which kills two bird with one stone.

How can these Freight Custom Promos affect Sales?

The stress ball keychains may be branded with your logo to increase brand awareness. This will allow more people to  know about your freight company as the user carries the keychain everywhere. It will attract attention and draw eyes to your logo. Thus, this is a form of free advertising.

The stress ball keychains will also boost brand recall and enforce brand loyalty. The stress ball keychains will remind existing customers to use your freight service. This will increase sales.

If you give away these stress ball keychains as a gift with purchase of minimum spending, customers will be inclined to spend more in order to get the stress ball for free. Stress balls make great custom promo gifts in themselves. Add a keyring to it and make it portable for your users!

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