This picture was taken from El Pozo’s Facebook Page. The huge Spanish meat specialist used this as their cover picture for a past promotional gift campaign. These stress balls are a great example of an excellent marketing campaign, and below we will highlight why this is.

El pozo Stress Ball Promotional Gift

El pozo Stress Ball Promotional Gift

Choosing the right Promotional Gift

These stress balls are well designed. The appeal is in the shape of the ball, they have chosen to make it into a pig which is fun for customers and can relate to the company. The amusing design would help to cheer you up as well as relieve tension.

This is a successful promotional gift as it seems to be a hit with the customers. Have you ever been in a trade show? Many stands offer this kind of stress ball.

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For our Spanish reader, please find below a summary in Spanish:

Aquí tenemos una pelota anti-estrés de la empresa El Pozo, especialista en carne. Hemos encontrado esos productos sobre la pagina Facebook de la Empresa. Como podemos ver sobre las ferias, estos productos están muy eficaz, porque las empresas que ofrecen este tipo de productos sobre sus casetas son las con mas visitantes.