EL POZO, a spanish brand, is currently offering a candle set for their customers. This is one of the rather creative and eye-catching products featured in the Spanish Market.

El Pozo Candle Box – Promogift

This gift box’s sleek design gives it a classic yet classy feel. In contrast, the colours of the candles brings forth a form of vibrancy to the set. All these factors increase the perceived value of the product

Candles are a relatively cost effective gift and can come in very handy when lights black out. The firm has done a great job by branding their logo on the box. This helps to enhance brand recall.

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Aqui tenemos un nuevo regalo promocional: Una caja de vela. Con muchas colores y un diseño muy especial. Pero podemos preguntar nosotros porque la empresa EL POZO especializada en comida decidio de comunicar entorno a este producto.