With the competition in the freight industry heating up, logistics companies need to stand out to succeed.  What better way to get noticed by prospective customers than offering branded shipping promotional gifts?

shipping promotional gifts 1

shipping promotional gifts

Featuring a forklift model with 2 memo blocks, they make a thoughtful gift set to boost your freight marketing.

What comes to your mind when you see the above forklift model? Shipping, freight, transportation and logistics companies are just some terms you would associate the forklift with. Scale models are great custom promotional giveaways for business as they effectively replicate your business models.

Memo blocks are one of the most practical and budget friendly ways of advertising your brand around the office. Not only does it remind users of their notes and tasks, but it also effectively reminds them of your brand when you imprint your logo on every single page of the memo blocks. Moreover, it also allows your brand to be fully visible on the desks for your clients and the people around them to see!


How Can You Do It Differently?

1. The Model

Besides trucking, the transportation industry includes also airlines, railroads, cars and boats. Therefore, you can always offer a different transport model instead of a forklift! It can be in line with your area of expertise to promote your business strengths.

2. The Accessory

Even though the memo block seems to be a generic item, you can always add a twist to it. Pick your own shape! Ditch the boring square shape and perhaps do it in the shape of the transport model you have picked above.

Alternatively, you can always choose from the wide range of promotional merchandise ideas for the one that best suits your marketing message. Branded promotional pens, custom shape USB, promotional stress relievers, custom mini speakers are just some examples of corporate gifts for clients you may consider to add to your marketing mix.

3. The Colour

Having decided on the model and accessory to include in your promotional gift set, it’s time to consider the theme colour.

People are visual creatures by nature. Colour is one of the first things that customers see about your product and it’s where their first impressions are made. As such, colour plays an important role in branding and marketing. This leads to creating a good brand identity for your company.

So, align the colour theme of your shipping promotional items to your brand!

This consistency in colour theme helps strengthen your brand identity in the market. Consistency gains the trust, loyalty and familiarity of customers. Personalise your theme color and anchor your brand in customers’ minds – they’ll think of you every time they see or use the promo gift.

4. The Packaging

Lastly, we look at the packaging, the very first thing that greets your customers’ sight even before the shipping promotional items.

Besides shape, you can also do it in a different material. With the rising sustainability trend, you can consider eco-friendly packaging material instead. Make a positive change today for your brand and the environment as well. Advertise your brand as a socially responsible one with eco-friendly corporate gifts. Check out ODM’s passion for the environment in this series #ODMEcoPackaging.

shipping promotional gifts 2

shipping promotional gifts

Don’t put on the brakes, but drive your transportation service abilities ahead of competitors with custom shipping promotional items. Interested in the gift set we featured above in this blog? Feel free to send us your inquiry for product code 442.

Here at ODM, we specialize in promotional products, production management, and other marketing services. We have vast experience in the industry and work closely with factories in China and recently, Vietnam – so we can assure you quality in all your promotional items. Also, we have a professional in-house design team Mindsparkz that can help you with product brainstorming.


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