Promotional Stationary Storage

This intriguing promotional stationary storage would make a fantastic promotional gift for your customers. This truck shaped stationary storage has space for both a pen and a business card, which makes it essential for anyone working a desk job.

Promotional Stationary Storage

Promotional Stationary Storage – ODM-455 

Why does promotional stationary storage make a marketing gift?

One of the biggest benefits of this promotional stationary storage is that it’s so incredibly unique and intriguing that there’s a very highly likelihood that it’ll be used by the customers you give it to, either in a giveaway or as a gift with purchase. So if it is used in public, such as in a workplace, it will have very high visibility due to the fact that it’s so unique – which makes it guaranteed to increase brand awareness.

Not only will the truck be looked at by everyone who walks past it, there’s also a large area on the container that you can brand with your logo, which means even higher visibility and brand awareness for your company.

Along with looking unique and intriguing, it also looks professional, which will benefit your business when it comes to reassuring your potential and existing customers views, on the quality of your products.

The truck can also be customized in order to match your company or campaign, be it the color, logo, shape, size or the amount of stationary storage of the truck.

On top of all those benefits, it’s also a generally handy product that your customers are likely to use throughout their working lives, so this marketing campaign will benefit you for years to come.

If you’re interested in discussing this or any other promotional gift, then please contact us here. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with enquiries here. Alternatively, you can contact our creative team, Mindsparkz, who would be glad to assist you with the design of any promotional product.

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