This is a clever, yet new concept. There are many silicone wristbands on the market, but no branded counting silicone wristbands with an LED screen.

So what does it do? The branded counting silicone wristband has an LED display that has the function of counting days, simply put the user pushes a button which starts a day counter.  So every 24 hours the count increases, starting at ‘Day 1’ up to any day of your choosing, be it ‘Day 10’ or ‘Day 200’. This can be used to count the days until various events or even for challenges, such as attempting to quit drinking, so you can see how long it has been since your last drink.

Branded Counting Silicone Wristband

Branded Counting Silicone Wristband

Why would a counting silicone wristband be used as a promotional gift?

One of the main benefits of giving your customers a counting silicone wristband as a promotional gift, is that it’s actually a very useful and trendy product, so your customers will be appreciative, which in turns means they’ll likely become more loyal, which will increase your repeat sales along with an increased likelihood of your current customers recommending your brand. It would be considered a high-end promo gift, which makes it perfect for a gift with purchase, or even in a giveaway.

It’s also a product that will be worn consistently, over a long period of time (up to 100 days), in public – so for your brand this means incredibly high visibility and improved brand awareness. If your customers are seen wearing this for months on end, it’s likely they’ll be asked what it is and what it does, which will also lead back to your brand and improve awareness, this is especially likely due to the fact that this is a unique idea.

It can also be branded, or customized in order to perfectly fit your marketing campaign.

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